Excel 1-4

  1. A button that provides access to workbook-level features and program settings
    Office Button
  2. A collection of buttons that provide one-click access to commonly used commands, such as Save, Undo, and Repeat
    Quick Access Toolbar
  3. A bar that displays the name of the active workbook and the Excel program name
    Title Bar
  4. The main set of commands organized by task into tabs and groups
  5. The letters that appear along the top of the worksheet window to identify the different columns in the worksheet
    Column Headings
  6. A window that displays an Excel Workbook
    Workbook Window
  7. A scroll bar used to scroll vertically through the workbook window
    Vertical Scroll Bar
  8. A scroll bar used to scroll horizontally through the workbook window
    Horizontal Scroll Bar
  9. Controls for magnifying and shrinking the content displayed in the active workbook window
    Zoom Controls
  10. Buttons used to change how the worksheet content is displayed - Normal, Page layout, or Page Break Preview view
    View Shortcuts
  11. Tabs that display the names of the worksheets in the workbook
    Sheet Tabs
  12. Buttons to scroll the list of sheet tabs in the workbook
    Sheet Tab Scrolling Buttons
  13. The numbers that appear along the left of the worksheet window to identify the different rows in the worksheet
    Row Headings
  14. A button used to select all of the cells in the active worksheet
    Select All Button
  15. The cell currently selected in the active worksheet
    Active Cell
  16. A box that displays the cell reference of the active cell
    Name Box
  17. A bar that displays the value or formula entered in an active cell
    Formula Bar
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Excel 1-4
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