Music Literature Chapter 22

  1. When did Franz Joseph Haydn live?
    He lived from 1732-1809
  2. Where did Haydn first work?
    He worked in Esterhazy
  3. Who did Haydn first write for
    He wrote for Prince Paul Anton of Hungary and Prince Nicholas
  4. What did Haydn write for Esterhazy?
    Haydn wrote operas and symphonies for there
  5. What is a baryton?
    This instrument is like a cello with 5 strings and frets
  6. What were Haydn's Esterhazy duties?
    He composed, conducted, trained and supervised, maintained instruments, and held weekly concerts of operas and symphonies here
  7. What was the form Haydn's early symphonies?
    • These were in a 3 movement form
    • 1- Sonata (fast)
    • 2- Rondo or theme and variation (slow)
    • 3- Sonata (fast)
  8. What was Haydn's nickname?
    Father of the Symphonies was his nickname
  9. What were Haydn's symphonies 6-8?
    • Symphony No. 6, Le Matin (morning)
    • Symphony No. 7, Le Midi (day)
    • Symphony No. 8, Le Soir (night)
  10. What is Haydn's Symphony No. 56 in C Major Called?
    This Symphony is called Sturm und Drang
  11. What did Haydn's Sturm und Drang do
    This Symphony encompassed a broad emotional range
  12. What did Haydn do in between movements 2 and 3 of the early symphony?
    Haydn added a minuet & trio here
  13. What did Prince Anton do?
    He disbanded Haydn's orchestra
  14. What did Haydn write Symphonies 82-87 for?
    These symphonies were commissioned for the Concerts de la Loge Olympique in Paris
  15. Who took composition lessons from Haydn?
    Mozart took composition lessons from him
  16. What were Haydn's symphonies 93-104 written for?
    These symphonies were commissioned in 1790 for his two concert tours
  17. What is an impressario?
    This is a concert finder
  18. Why did Haydn go to London?
    Handel had done public concerts here so there were paying public concert halls for Haydn to go
  19. What is the nickname for Haydn's Symphony No. 92 in G Major?
    "The Oxford" is the nickname for this Symphony
  20. Where was Haydn's Symphony No. 92 performed?
    This Symphony was performed at the awarding of an honorary Doctorate at Oxford in 1791
  21. What is the form of Symphony No. 92, Mvt 1
    • This Haydn symphony is in Sonata form with
    • Slow instroduction in G
    • Exposition
    • -Theme 1 in G
    • -Transition
    • -Theme 2 in D (opens same as T1)
    • -Closing
    • Development
    • Recapitulation in G
    • -Theme 1
    • -Transition
    • -Theme 2
    • -Closing
    • Coda
  22. What is Symphony No 94 nicknamed?
    The Suprise was the nickname for this Symphony
  23. What is something to remember about Symphony No 94?
    The fortissimo chord in the second movement is something to remember about this Symphony
  24. What instruments were in Haydn's string quartet
    • This ensemble containted
    • 1st violin
    • 2nd violin
    • viola (5th lower)
    • cello (octave lowe)
  25. What were the characteristics of Haydn's early string quartet?
    • He had these characteristics in that type of ensemble
    • 1st violin has melody and show
    • Others accompany
    • Cello eventually is more melodic
    • Some fugla finales
  26. What was Haydn's string quartet, Op. 33, No 2 nicknamed?
    "The Joke", in this presto movement IV was the nickname
  27. What was Haydn's String quartet, Op. 33, No 2's outline?
    • This Haydn quartet was in rondo form, ABACA Coda
    • It had short phrases, rapid notes, imitating comic patter, staccato, melody continues after accompaniment stops, dyamic contrasts set off phrases
    • Coda: tempo changes, dynamic contrasts figuration, pauses, ends without return of opening
  28. What ws Haydn's Op. 76, No 2 nicknamed?
    "The Emperor" was the name of this Movement II, (Theme and Variantions)
  29. What was Haydn's Op. 76, No. 2 based on?
    This Opus was based on a hymn he wrote for Kaiser Franz Joseph
  30. What is Op. 76, No 2 famously known as?
    This opus is now the Austrian National Anthem
  31. What is the outline for Haydn's Op. 76, No. 2?
    • This opus is constructed in this form:
    • Theme: Violin 1
    • Variation I: Violin 2
    • Variation II: Cello
    • Variation III: Viola
    • Vatiation IV: Violin 1
  32. What are things to note when listening to Haydn's String Quartet, Op. 33, No. 2?
    • This listening is in Rondo form
    • The form outline is ABACA Coda
    • The timbre is 2 violins, viola, and cello
    • Movement IV
    • "The Joke"
    • 1781
  33. What are things to note when listening to Haydn's Symphony No. 92 in G Major?
    • This listening is in Sonata Allegro form
    • Nicknamed the Oxford
    • Movement I
    • On the occasion of awarding of honorary Doctorate from Oxford
    • 1789
  34. What are things to note when listening to Mozart's Piano Concerto in A Major, K. 488?
    • This listening has a double exposition sonata form
    • 1786
  35. What are some things to note when listening to Mozart's Don Giovanni?
    • This listening is a dramma giocoso
    • This is Act I, Scene I
    • Leporello is standing guard for his master
  36. What are Haydn's vocal works?
    • He wrote these vocal works
    • Operas
    • Masses
    • Oratorios
  37. What kind of operas did Haydn write?
    • He wrote these operas
    • Italian operas
    • German maionette operas (Marchinoper)
  38. What kind of Masses did Haydn write?
    Haydn wrote these mostly for Nicholas II between 1796 and 1802
  39. What were two of Haydn's Oratorios?
    • He wrote these two oratorios
    • Die Schopfung (The Creation)
    • -known for his depiction of chaos)
    • Die Jahreszeiten (The Seasons)
  40. When did Mozart live?
    He lived from 1756 to 1791
  41. Where did Mozart live?
    He lived in Salzburg, Austria
  42. What was Mozart's fame?
    He was a keyboard and violin virtuoso
  43. Who was Mozart's father and teacher?
    Leopold was his father and teacher
  44. What did Leopold Mozart do?
    He was the Archbishop of Salzburg
  45. What did Mozart write?
    • He wrote
    • 41 symphonies
    • String quartets
    • Piano concertos
    • Operas
    • Masses and requiems
  46. Who did Mozart help write string quartets for and when?
    He helped Haydn write string quartets from 1782-1785
  47. What type of piece is Eine Kleine Nachtmusik?
    This Mozart piece is a serenated/divertimento
  48. What was Eine Kleine Nachtmusik popular for?
    This piece was popular for outdoor entertianment in Salzburg
  49. What ensemble type was Eine Kleine Nachtmusik written for?
    This Mozart piece was written for a string quartet or small ensemble
  50. What is the standard symphonic layout and form?
    • This form is
    • I Sonata Allegro
    • II Rondo
    • III Minuet and Trio
    • IV Sonata Allegro
  51. What is the double exposition sonata form?
    • This form is
    • Orchestral exposition
    • Solo exposition
    • Development
    • Recapitulation
    • Cadenza
    • Coda
  52. What is special about Mozart's cadenzas?
    These are improvised by the soloist
  53. How many symphonies did Mozart write in Vienna?
    Mozart wrote 6 symphonies here
  54. What were Mozart's special talents?
    • He had
    • perfect pitch
    • memory
  55. What were some of Mozart's operas?
    • Le nozze di Figaro
    • Don Giovanni
    • Losi fan tutte
    • Die Entfuhrung
    • Die Zauberflote
  56. What type of opera was Le nozze di Figaro?
    This Mozart opera was a comic opera
  57. What type of opera was Don Giovanni?
    This Mozart opera was a dramma giocoso
  58. What type of opera was Losi fan tutte?
    This Mozart opera was an opera buffa
  59. Who was the libbrettist for Losi fan tutte?
    Da Ponte was the libbrettist for this opera
  60. What type of opera was Die Entfuhrung and Die Aauberflote?
    These Mozart operas were singspiels
  61. What was Mozart's 1st great German opera?
    Die Zauberflote was famous for this
  62. What was happening in Don Giovanni, Act I, Scene I?
    • In this scene
    • Leporello is complaining in opera buffa style
    • Donna Anna and Don Giovanni are singing in opera seria style
    • The trio in F minor laments tragic ending
  63. What was Mozart's last work?
    His last work is Requiem K. 626
  64. What did Mozart write for Count Walsegg?
    He wrote Requiem K. 626 for him
  65. Who finished Mozart's Requiem K. 626?
    Franz Xavier Sussmayer finished this Mozart piece
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