Civilization Since 1660 - Honors

  1. What is a supreme war lord or top Samurai?
  2. Who fought over Korea?
    China & Japan
  3. What were the Sufis like?
    mystial, non-worldy, highly spiritual
  4. What does luther do after concluding his theories on faith?
    Breaks from the church, raises protest, finds financial backing from princes for his protests
  5. What happened in Europe when the Printing Press came out?
    Communication and Literacy rates went up
  6. What happens to Persia? What do they do?
    They are invaded by the Mongels, but after a period of invasion they push them back into Asia
  7. What is China's ruling habit?
    cyclical dynasties
  8. When did Marco Plo serve with the Mongels?
    Early 1300's
  9. After the fall of Rome, what was Europe like?
  10. Where were Calvins views derived from?
    Calvinists and Puritans
  11. What is the printing press compared to?
    the Internet of today
  12. What did the Fatimas use against the Sunni majority?
  13. What did Luther conclude?
    Entrance into heaven could not be bought with money, but must be by faith
  14. What were China's goods like when they reached Europe?
  15. What was the last dynasty to rule China?
  16. How was the main exploration done?
    Trade Routes & The Middle Passages
  17. What two people fought over leadership after death of Muhammad and what is the difference in the two?
    Sunni & Shi'a - Sunni's leadership was in lineage of Muhammad; Shi'a rejected lineage.
  18. Ming had the last dynasty to be ruled by who?
    Ethnic Chinese
  19. Who tried to join Luther in protest?
    Zvingley of Zurich
  20. What did the Catholic Church do during the Renaissance?
    Filled the social and political void left by the fall of the Roman Empire
  21. How was Europe divided in 1560?
  22. Did the Islamic religion stretch far?
  23. What is reformation?
    The notion of reforming the church.
  24. Who are the Persians part of? Who do they represent?
    Saljuks - Turkish rule of the Middle East
  25. Whose countries did Europe try to mimic?
    Greek & Roman
  26. Who wanted China's goods the most?
  27. What happened between Zvingley and Luther?
    They couldn't unify, so they made a numerous amount of churches of two different religions (Catholic & Protestant)
  28. What did Colombus reveal to Ferdinand and Isabella?
    The world is round.
  29. Who did the Rise of the Warrior Class bring?
  30. Where did Greek and Roman power begin?
  31. Where did Colombus land? Where did he think he was?
    Coast of South American Islands. India.
  32. What did Calvin believe?
    Christians should oppose all worldliness and wear dark colors
  33. Where did Europe have outside communications to?
    Middle East Muslims
  34. What happens after Henry the VIII first child?
    Since it is a girl, he grants his own divorce to Catherine and marries Anne Boelyn, a maid who is pregnant by him (she has a girl, too)
  35. When was China's 3rd Great Commerical Revolution?
    During the Ming & Qing Dynasties
  36. Who ruled during the Yuan dynasty? How did they rule?
    Mongels, by brute force opposing all ethnic Chinese
  37. Where did Colombus venture on his first trek?
  38. How long does the Yomato Period last?
    Modern Times
  39. How was Vietnam influenced?
    It's geographic location.
  40. What is the difference in China & Japan?
    China had many dynasties over time, while Japan had one lasting dynasty.
  41. What was Luther's largest worry?
    The sale of indulgences.
  42. Sacrifice for the church was said to bring what?
  43. What religion moves into Japan?
  44. Who led the Navy? How many men were in this armada? What were they doing? Did it bring results? What happened then?
    Zheng He. 30,000. Going to surrounding countries forcing the people to pay tribute to the Ming. No. Zheng He was called back.
  45. What was the first Japanese period? When was it established?
    Yomato Period - 250 AD
  46. During the Yomato Period, how did contact between cultures happen?
    Japan & China make contact by sending people from place to place
  47. What did Emperor Hongwu's era create?
    • Agricultural Surplus
    • "Period of Prosperity"
    • Rise of population - into the millions
  48. What did the people in the expansion of the Navy have to do?
    Use force to make outer countries pay tribute to the Ming
  49. What was the division in Islam over and when?
    Leadership - the late 1600's
  50. In Asia's Late Traditional Era, who had the first dynasties and when?
    Ming & Qing - 1368-1911
  51. Who were the Mamluks part of? Who did they rule? Until when?
    Sunni - Egypt - late 1500's
  52. Who founded Islam and when?
    Muhammad in 1621
  53. After religious divide, what happened to powers in Europe?
    Europe divided into two seperate powers, and these powers allied according to region - Protestants overtake Catholics
  54. What caused Japan to have a futile period? What was the result? When?
    Shogun fights for power - New era of Shoguns reunited Japan - 1500's
  55. Is Vietnam unified? Under whose control? Who influences them?
    Yes, but under Asian control. China & India.
  56. What were three major threats to the Mings?
    • Mongels (they returned to attack)
    • Wars with Japan
    • Manchus (took advantaged of Japan during turmoil)
  57. What did Emperor Hongwu do?
    Attempted to build a self-sufficient society in rural areas.
  58. What is China's dynasty cycle?
    Rise of Power--> Growth & Expansion--> Heighth of Power--> Over-Extension--> Fall--> Chaos
  59. What did the religious divide of Europe do?
    Caused kingdoms to use force to keep everyone within each kingdom all one religion.
  60. Who did the Japanese believe emperors were?
    Sons of sun goddesses (sacred deity)
  61. What was the Islamic world influenced by?
  62. Who were the warriors compared to?
  63. What religious ideas were used in Korea?
    Buddhist & Confuscious
  64. What was the 16th century economy in China like?
    Contact with Europeans was bringing in extra money
  65. Who was the main East Regional Center?
  66. What are the four major Chinese dynasties and when do they happen?
    • Sui (589-618)
    • Tang (618-907)
    • Song (960-1279)
    • Yuan (1279-1368)
  67. What part of the west was the Regional Center for the Islamic?
    Spain and Northwest Africa
  68. Why were the Ming & Qing dynasties so successful?
    Efficient beaurocracy & economic progress.
  69. What important things did trade routes do?
    Got China's goods to Europe
  70. When did the Rise of Ming happen?
    After the collapse of the Mongels
  71. Who rules after overthrow of the Fatimas?
  72. Who eventually drives all the muslims out of Spain?
  73. How was Korea established? When?
    By merging three ancient kingdoms in year 68.
  74. Who were the Sunni minority?
  75. When was the Chinese Empire founded?
    2100 BC
  76. What was a big part of Ming Power?
    Expansion of a large Navy
  77. When was Japan established?
    600 BC
  78. When did the Age of Exploration start?
    The Middle Ages
  79. Who settled Japan?
    Migrants of Korea sailed across the Sea of Japan
  80. Who attacked the Islamic dynasties of Spain?
  81. How long does the Chinese Empire last?
    20th Century
  82. When did Emperor Hongwu rule?
  83. Who in the Middle Ages caused a strain like the Sunni & Shi'a?
  84. What religion did Europe want to convert the Native Americans?
    Protestant & Catholic
  85. What was the point of the Printing Press?
    Mass production
  86. What are indulgences?
    The buying or paying off of sins
  87. What did East Asia include?
    Korea & Vietnam
  88. What did Shoguns do?
    Ran state affairs on behalf of Emperor
  89. What did Islamic schools teach?
    • Islamic literature
    • Islamic Law
    • the Qaran
  90. What makes the Chinese Empire special?
    Longest lived Empire in world history
  91. Who did Henry VIII marry first? What happened?
    Catherine - she had trouble getting pregnant, had many miscarriages, finally had a girl (which was bad)
  92. What was Europe's foremost mission after Colombus' landing?
    Coverting Native Americans as quickly as possible
  93. What was the most popular type of book during the Renaissance?
    How-To-Books, mainly cookbooks
  94. Where was Korea's standing?
    Under China as a tributary
  95. Who during the church reformation studied the Bibe & had theories to fix church?
    Martin Luther Jr.
  96. The Islamic world is predominately what?
  97. What was the time period of the Qing Dynasty?
  98. Qing... or...
  99. How did the Qing Dynasty operate?
    They adopted former Ming traditions
  100. How did the Qing want to be seen? How did they do so?
    As a monarchy and not invaders - they tried to better the state of China
  101. What was the Qing military like?
    A mix of Qing and Chinese
  102. How did the Manchus (Qings) maintain cultural identity?
    China's people could not enter into Manchu - no mixed ethnic marriages - Chinese men had to dress just like Manchu men
  103. What did the Qing try to ban?
    Footbinding - where women would bind their feet with linen at a young age to stop them for growing (small delicate feet were seen as beautiful)
  104. When was Kangxi's rule?
    1662-1723 - Kangxi got reign at age 8, started self reign at age 13
  105. Why was the first 40 years of Qing rule difficult?
    Large groups of loyal Ming supporters resisted Qing rule
  106. How long did Kangxi rule?
    61 years
  107. What did Kangxi do to South China?
    Launched wars on them, and subdued their resistance with brute force
  108. What person does Kangxi install to help other parts of China?
    Dalai Lama - political & spiritual leader - he enhances Manchu power through Tibet
  109. Who is the Dalai Lama to the Emperor?
    A loyal follower
  110. What did Kangxi want to set into place to help prepare people for beaurocracy?
    Set up a civil service exam to become a beaurocrat, and set up an educational system to prepare people with knowledge
  111. What did Kangxi's new tax system do?
    Fell heavy on the poor and light on the elite
  112. Qianlong ruled when?
  113. Who was Qianlong and what did his rule bring?
    Grandson of Kangxi - it brought expansion (Heighth & Fall of Qing Dynasty)
  114. Why did Qianlong hold the Fall of the Qing Empire?
    Decades of issues started to surface - corruption, leader disputes, loss of efficient government
  115. How was strain put on economy and government during Qianlong's rule?
    Growth in China's population limited food, space, revenue, jobs - as each of these was at a set number while the population was continually growing
  116. Why did Chinese food plan fail?
    Tried bringing food in from the New World - soil in China was exhausted
  117. When making contact with Europe, what treaty was made between Europe and China?
    Treaty of Nerchinsk
  118. What did the Jesuits bring to China?
    New technology, math, cartology
  119. What did China want to do with the Jesuits new ideas?
    Use them for military - cannons, maps, new math
  120. What did the Early Jesuits want to do to China?
    Convert them - failed
  121. Why did the first round of contact with Europe fail?
    Europe began pirating, stealing, taking advantage of China - but it restarted when China needed more revenue (1680's)
  122. What industry is set in China?
  123. What was the first diplomatic thing to happen between Europe & China?
    Set boundaries and a contract for trading because of border disputes with Russia
  124. How did China influence the West?
    Gained Chinese idea like architecture and Confuscion ideas
  125. What were some historical trends in Japan?
    Warring States (1467-1600) & Tokugawa (1600-1868)
  126. Where was political centralization in Japan?
    Nobunaga, Hidyoshi, and Tokuguwa Ieyasu
  127. What is a Daimyo?
    Second power to Shogun
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