Mockingbird 2

  1. Degradation
    a state of low honor or moral character
  2. Interdict
    prohibited; restraint
  3. Palliate
    to lessen the pain, or in case, fear and anxioty, of something without makeing it go away
  4. Phillippic
    a bitter verbal attack
  5. Rectitude
    uprightness of character
  6. Skulked
    moved about in a sinister manner
  7. Umbrage
  8. Undulate
    to move in waves or in a wavy manner
  9. Viscous
  10. asafetida
    a strong-smelling (like garlic) substance made from a parsley-like plant; used in folk medicine to repel illness
  11. Garish
    showy; very bright or gaudy
  12. Indignantly
  13. Voile
    a thin, cotton-like fabric
  14. Mtopic
    inability to see objects clearly
  15. Obliquely
  16. Shinny
    a slang term for liquor, usually whisky or burbon
  17. Acquiescence
    agreement without protest
  18. Aggregation
    a group; a hathering
  19. Begrudge
    to feel resentment or disapproval about the fact that they have something
  20. Succinct
    clear and brief
  21. Venerable
    impressive on account of age or historical association
  22. Elucidate
    to explain
  23. Fey
    strange; eccentric
  24. Futility
    feeling of being inneffective, useless, or hopeless
  25. Grimly
    sternly; without humor
  26. Sundry
  27. Acrimonious
    sarcastic; bitter; nasty
  28. Corrugated
    formed by a series of alternating ridges and grooves
  29. Dictum
    official pronounced
  30. Dogged
    stubborn determination
  31. Skewed
  32. Impudent
    dissrespectful; bold; sassy
  33. Mollified
    smoothed; calm
  34. Chiffarobe
    a large cabinate with drawers and a place for hanging cloths
  35. Tenet
    a principal or breief generally held to be
  36. Vo
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