World History

  1. What group of protestants were inspired by the idea of calvinism?
  2. What type of work are William Shakespeare's literature considered?
  3. What is the name givento parliament when cromwell purged the members who did not support him?
    Rump parliament
  4. This act granted Puritans, but not Catholics,the right of public worship.
    Toleration Act of 1689
  5. Whos ideas can be found in the Declaration of Independence and the United states Constitution?
    John Locke
  6. This house ruled the southern French kingdom of Navarre.
  7. What laid the foundation for the constitutional monarchy in England?
    Bill of Rights
  8. What did the Edict of Nantes give the Huguenots?
    the right to worship and to enjoy all political privileges
  9. What is absolutism?
    It is a system of government in which a ruler holds total power
  10. Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome is an example of work that was greated by?
    Gian Lorenzo Bernini
  11. What is the "Glorious Revolution"?
    the invasion of England by William Orange, which overthrew James II with almost no bloodshed
  12. Who was known as the "Most Catholic King"?
    Phillip II of spain
  13. Seven percent of the total french population were___________.
  14. What did Oliver Cromwell's defeat of the king's forces allow him to do?
    to take control of england and eventually establish an entirely pro-Catholic parliament
  15. How did Cardinal Richelieu strengthen the power of the monarchy?
    He took away the Huguenots' political and military rights and executed conspirators
  16. Which style of painting is known for its use of dramatic effects to arouse emotions?
  17. The Thirty Years' War involved all the major European powers except which nation?
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