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  1. The American War of independence occured in:
  2. Because of the loyalists population, british introduced this policy chnage:
    the constitutional act
    The loyalist act
    The BNA act
    None of the above
    the constitutional act
  3. The economy of british north america consited of:
    Furs, Fish, Farming and Forestry
  4. What are the two main companies completing in the fur trade:
    Hudson bay and northwest territories
  5. Upper Canada can be described as:
    A mainly English population
    Present day Ontario
    A mainly French population
    A and B only
    A and B
  6. Lower Canada can also be decribe ad:
    Present Day quebec
    a land dominated by seignurial system
    A mostly Catholic population
    All of the above
    All of the above
  7. After the signing of the treaty of Paris, France ratained two small islands that remain French to this day. These two islands are:
    St. Pierre and Miquelon
  8. This group of wealthy English bussinessmen governed the colony of the Upper Canada in the 1800's:
    The Family compact
    The chateau Clique
    The house of assembly
    The electorate
    The family compact
  9. This group of wealthy english bussinessmen governed the colony of the lower canada in the 1800's:
    The family compact
    the Chatue Clique
    The house of assmebly
    The electorate
    The Chateau Clique
  10. This woman overheard american sodiers discussig their plans to invade a Canadaian Fort. She trekked through the woods to warn the Canadians and in the end helped thwart plans to capture this canadian post. Her name was
    Laura Secord
  11. The main cause of the war of 1812 was that:
    The british were stopping trade between the us and the france
    The british were boarding american vessels looking for British deserters
    Both a and b
    None of the above
    Both a and b
  12. The reason the British burnt down the american capitol or the white house was because:
    It was in retaliation for the American inasion and burning york
    They were trying to kill the american president
    It was an accident that wasnt supposed to happen
    None of the above
    It was in retaliation for the american invasion and burning york
  13. The treaty officially ended the War of 1812:
    The treaty of Quebec
    The treaty of Ghent
    The treaty of Paris
    The Royal proclamation
    The treaty of Ghent
  14. THis man was responsile for the rebellions in Lower canada:
    Louis Joseph Papineau
  15. This newspaperman who was the great great grandfather of the future Pm of canada led the rebellions in Upper Canada:
  16. Although the British did listen to some of Radical Jacks reformations, They did not accept them all. Instead they introduced this policy change in 1841:
    The act of constitution
    The union of actng
    The act of union
    THe quevec act
    The act of union
  17. Before the Confederation of Canada, Three conferences were held to discuss the idea. Which Conference does not belong:
    Nova Scotia
    Nova Scotia
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