1. ramification
    an implication or consequence
  2. rapacious
    extremely greedy
  3. recalcitrant
    resisitant to authority or control
  4. recant
    to formally withdraw a statement
  5. recrimination
    a counter charge against an accuser
  6. redolent
    serving as a reminder; fragrant
  7. redundant
    unnecessary repetition in expressing ideas
  8. refutable
    proving to be false or erroneous
  9. relegate
    to send to an inferior position
  10. relinquish
    to give up a position, right, or claim
  11. remonstrate
    to argue in protest or complaint
  12. reparation
    the making of amends for a wrong
  13. replenish
    to refill or resupply
  14. reprehensible
    deserving rebuke or censure
  15. requisite
    required; necessary
  16. resolute
    firmly determined in purpose
  17. rigorous
    rigidly accurate; precise
  18. rudimentary
  19. belligerent
    hostile, aggressive
  20. exasperated
    angrily impatient
  21. galling
    extremely irritating or vexing
  22. incensed
    inflamed with wrath
  23. indignant
    with anger at injustice or unworthiness
  24. irate
    with openly displayed anger
  25. rancorous
    marked by deep-seated hatred
  26. spiteful
    showing petty ill will by irritating
  27. vexing
    severely annoying
  28. vicious
  29. vindictive
  30. wrathful
    filled with strong, vengeful anger
  31. eulogizing
    praising highly in speech or writing
  32. laudatory
    expressing or conferrring praise
  33. bombastic
    pretentiously pompous or overblown
  34. elevated
    formal, dignified; exhilarated in mood
  35. florid
    ornate, flowery
  36. grandiose
    great, pompous
  37. pious
    extremely reverent, devout
  38. pompous
    arrogant, self-important
  39. pretentious
    putting on airs; exaggerating worth
  40. reverent
    with profound, awed, honor or respect
  41. aloof
    haughty, distant
  42. ambicalent
    indecisive, mixed emotion
  43. apathetic
    uncaring, uninvolved
  44. callous
    insensitive to the feelings of others
  45. calmness
    tranquil, serene
  46. clinical
  47. conventional
    lacking spontaneity or originality
  48. dispassionate
    unaffected, logical
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