Methods in Behavioral Research

  1. Why is it important to understand Research Methods?
    Psychological Knowledge.

    Helps you to read reports critically evaluate the methods employed, and decide whether the conclusions are reasonable.

    Important when developing and accepting the effectiveness of goals.
  2. What is the Scientific Approach?
    a method of inquiry must be based on gathering observable, empirical and measurable evidence subject to specific principles of reasoning.
  3. What is Intuition and Authority?
    Involves finding an explanation for our own behaviors or the behaviors of others and using it to explain intriguing events that you observe. And People sometimes believe statements made by media, politicians to be true just because of there status.

    Problems include numerous cognitive and motivational biases affect our perceptions therefore drawing erroneous conclusions about cause and effect. And not all things are correct, just because a certain person said so.
  4. What is Empiricism?
    The use of objective observations to answer a question about the nature of behavior
  5. What is Peer Review and its importance?
    The process of judging the scientific merit of research through review by other scientists with the expertise to evaluate research. It ensures that only the best research is published
  6. 4 Goals of Science?
    • 1.Description of behavior.
    • 2.Prediction of behavior.
    • 3.Determining the cause of behavior.
    • 4.Explaining the causes of behavior.
  7. 3 requirements to determine causation?
    1) Temporal Precedence: cause precedes the effect.

    2)Covariation of the cause and effect: cause is present, the effect occurs and when the cause is not present, the effect does not occur.

    3)Alternate Explanations: Nothing other than a causal variable could be responsible for the observed effect
  8. Basic Research
    Tries to answer fundamental questions about the nature of behavior

    Studies are designed to address theoretical issues concerning phenomena such as cognition, emotion, motivation, learning, psychobio, social behavior
  9. Applied Research
    Conducted to address issues in which there are practical problems and potential solutions

    Program evaluation: evaluates the social reforms and innovations that occur in government, education, the criminal justice system, industry.
  10. Hypothesis
    type of idea or question; it makes a statement about something that may be true
  11. Prediction
    A statement that makes an assertion concerning what will occur in a particular research investigation
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