Socials 9

  1. Palisade
    A defensive fence
  2. Nuclear Family
    a mother, father, and their children
  3. Extended family
    the people related to the members of the nuclear family
  4. Archaeological excavation
    a dig to uncover evidence of former civilizations
  5. Hearth
    a fireplace
  6. Dugout
    made by hollowing out a large log
  7. Pit House
    a home built partially underground
  8. Disperse
    to scatter across an area
  9. Balsam root
    edible roots (plateau peoples)
  10. Ancestry
  11. Insulating
    a warming barrier through which energy (heat) cannot escape
  12. Soapstone
    a soft stone that has a soapy feeling
  13. Kayak
    Inuit canoe insisting of a frame that is covered with skins except for a small opening in the centre
  14. Umiak
    a larger boat covered with hides and propelled by broad paddles
  15. Rank
    status, position in a group
  16. Potlatch
    a traditional ceremony practiced by many aboriginal peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast.
  17. Ceremonially
    with dignity, observing the occasion
  18. Concentration
    the measure of how many people there are relative to the space they occupy
  19. Bilateral Kinship
    ancestry is reckoned through the mother’s and father’s families
  20. Blind
    enclosure used to conceal oneself from wildlife for hunting purposes
  21. Pound
    a pen in which animals were trapped and killed in
  22. Pemmican Fast
    Fasting from a nutritious trail food (pemmican)
  23. Initiation
    a ceremony in which one gains new status
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