Connective tissues

  1. What is areolar tissue?
    Tissue that is loosely organized fibers, abundant blood vessels, and a lot of seemingly empty space. Appearance can be quite variable
  2. What is reticular tissue?
    • -mesh of reticular fibers and fibroblast
    • -forms supportive stroma (framework) for lymphatic organs
  3. What is dense reqular connective tissue?
    • collagen fibers (densely packed, parallel)
    • -compressed fibroblast nuclie
    • tendons attach muscles to bones and ligaments hold bones together
  4. What is dense irregular connective tissue?
    Collagen fibers (densely packed, randomly arranged) and few visable cells; withstands stress
  5. What is apidose tissue?
    • Empty looking cells with thin margins; nucleus pressed against cell membrane
    • -energy storage, insulation, cushioning
  6. What is cartilidge?
    Supportive connective tissue with flexible, rubbery matrix; no blood vessels
  7. What is hyaline cartilage?
    • fine collagen fibers (matrix makes clear, glassy microscopic appearance)
    • -eases joint movement, holds airway open, moves vocal cords
  8. What is elastic cartilage
    • cartilage containing large bundles of collagen fibers (without perichondruim)
    • -resist compression and absorbs shock
  9. What is bone?
    • -organ of the body; multiple tissue types (femur, mandible)
    • -bone tissues (osseous tissue)
  10. What are two types of osseous tissue?
    • Spongy bone-spongy in appearance
    • -covered by compact bone
    • Compact bone-denser calcified tissue with no visable spaces
  11. What are osteocytes?
    mature bone cells that occupy lucunae
  12. Where is bone matrix deposited?
    concentric lamella
  13. What is canaliculi?
    delicate canals that radiate from each lacuna; osteocytes communication
  14. What is periosteum?
    tough fibrous connective tissue covering of bone
  15. What is blood? (connective aspect)
    • -fluid connective tissue
    • -transports cells and dissolved matter
    • -plasma is blood's liquid ground substance
  16. What elements do blood form?
    • Erythrocytes-RBC
    • -transports O2 and CO2
    • Leukocytes-WBC
    • -defense against infection
    • Platelets-cell fragments
    • -clotting
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