US Midterm 2

  1. What did the federalists add to to address the concerns of many Antifederalists?
    Bill of Rights
  2. How are the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights similar?
    Both declare rights
  3. What rights are primarily dealth with by the first amendment of the Constitution?
    speech, press, assembly, religion, petition
  4. What amendment is the constitutional basis for the separation of church and state?
    1st amendment
  5. Why was the 9th amendment included in the bill of rights?
    powers reserved to the people
  6. Why was the 10th amendment included in the bill of rights?
    powers reserved to the state
  7. What idea is expressed by Article 1 Section 9 Clause 2 of the Constitution?
    habeus corpus
  8. What war saw the writ of habeus corpus suspended by the president?
    civil war
  9. What must a candidate recieve to win a presidential election?
    51% - 270 electoral votes
  10. What are the powers of the president, according to the US constitution?
    commander in chief, chief executive, chied legistator, chief of state, chief diplomat
  11. What federal governement change results from the census that is taken every ten years?
    representation in the house of representatives
  12. What powers are delegated to the federal governement in the US constitution?
    coin money, war
  13. How is the constitution "the supreme law of the land," in regards to state laws?
    it is supreme
  14. What Supreme Court case established Judicial Review?
    Marbury v. Madison
  15. What is Judicial Review?
    Judicial branches power to declare a laws constitutionality
  16. What principle is intended to ensure no one government branch has more power than another branch?
    checks and balances
  17. What document is referred to as the "supreme law of the land" in the US?
  18. What is federalism?
    division between state and government powers
  19. What are delegated powers?
    powers for federal government
  20. What are reserved powers?
    powers fot state governments
  21. What are concurrent powers?
    powers for both
  22. What government has the power to pass marriage/divorce laws and create vehicle/traffic regulations?
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