child development

  1. psychoanalyric theories
    describe developement as unconcious and heavily colored by emotion
  2. ericksons theory
    • 8 stages of human development
    • trust v mistrust
    • autonomy v shame and doubt
    • industry v inferiority
    • identity v identity confusion
    • intimacy v isolation
    • generativity v stagnation
    • integrity v despair
  3. vygotsky's theory
    sociocultural cognitive theory that emphasizes how culture and social interaction guide cognitive development
  4. piagets theory
    children actively construct understanding of the world and go through 4 stages
  5. social cognitive theory
    the view of psychologists who emphasize behavior, environment, and cognition as the key factors in development
  6. bonfenbrenners theory
    an environmental systems that focus on 5 environmental systems: microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, macrosystem, and chronosystem.
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