1. t/f the speeds of a power tb cannot be mimicked with manual tb
    true-unless you can move at the speed of light then you might be faster...and I definitely want to be your friend, teach me your ways!
  2. who are power tb good for? 6
    • ortho pt
    • physical disabilites
    • geriatrics
    • prostho/dental implants
    • aggressive brusher
    • parent/caregiver
  3. what is the power source for a power tb? 3
    • electrical outlet
    • replaceable/disposable batteries
    • rechargeable batteries
  4. what are six problem areas for tb?
    • facially/lingually inclined teeth
    • overlapped teeth
    • exposed root surfaces
    • exposed furcation
    • right/left handed brushers
    • distal surfaces of posterior teeth
  5. what alternative bioflim removal would you use on a baby, person with disabilities or dentures?
    tooth wipes
  6. what is an alternative biofilm removal if toothbrush, sink and water are unavailable
    • gum
    • hard veggies
  7. what is a good method for alternative biofilm removal for infants and small children?
    give them a tb to chew on
  8. what is NUG?/
    necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis
  9. what kind of tb should be used for NUG?
    soft tb careful brushing
  10. what causes scuffed epithelial surfaces?
    brushed too hard (abrasion)
  11. how do punctate lesions appear?
    pinpoint lesions
  12. what is the appearance of acute alterations?
    • scuffed epithelial surface
    • punctate lesions
    • diffuse redness/ worn down attached gingiva
  13. what are the causes of acute alterations?
    • horizontal or vertical scrubbing
    • excessive pressure
    • abrasive dentifrice
    • frayed tb
  14. what are chronic alterations?
    brushing all the time too hard
  15. what is the appearance of the gingiva for chronic alterations
    • rolled bulbous hard firm marginal gingiva
    • gingival cleft
  16. where does chronic alterations appear the most?
    • facial gingiva
    • inversely related to right or left handed pt
  17. how do you remedy gingival recession?
    soft tb and correct techniques
  18. what are 5 causes of dental abrasion?
    • mechanical habits
    • abrasive dentifrice
    • horizontal brushing
    • tooth prominence
    • filament ends not rounded
  19. what are three remedies for dental abrasion?
    • discuss w/pt brushing habits and educate on change
    • change tb method
    • milder dentifrice/smaller amount
  20. t/f bacteremia is increased after scaling with pt with perio
  21. can toothbrushing and scaling cause increase in bacteremia?
  22. how often should a tb be replaced?
    2-3 months
  23. t/f a tb should be stored in a closed air tight container to keep bacteria from landing on tb
    false-store in open air
  24. what are the effects of tongue cleaning?
    • reduces:
    • biofilm
    • microorganisms
    • halitosis
    • overall mouth cleanliness
  25. what are two causes of debris retention on the tongue
    • surface papillae
    • fissured tongue
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