1. what brushing method is good for pt with pocketing and wide embrasures
    Bass method/sulcular brushing
  2. what brushing method is the tb starting at a 45* angle with the filaments towards sulcus and a vibrate brush back and forth motion and then rolling brush from sulcus.
    bass method/sulcular brushing
  3. what method is known as sulcular brushing
    bass method
  4. at what angle does the bass method start at? and where are the filaments directed?
    • 45* angle
    • filaments directed towards sulcus
  5. what motion does the bass method use?
    vibrate brush back and forth
  6. t/f with the bass method the tb is rolled into the sulcus
    FALSE! roll brush AWAY from sulcus
  7. what are four limitations to the bass method?
    • vigorous scrub
    • dexterity-can't do the roll
    • incomplete brushing-skip spots
    • injury-bristles into sulcus
  8. what method is for biofilm removal w/o emphasis on the sulcus?
    rolling stroke
  9. who is the rolling stroke method good for?
    Children, good intro on how to brush
  10. what method is the first lesson in the modified stillman technique?
    rolling stroke
  11. what method has the side of brush placed on attached gingiva?
    rolling stroke
  12. where is the back of the tb during the rolling stroke?
    flush with occlusal plane
  13. t/f the rolling stroke cleans the cervical aspect and somewhat interdentally
  14. what motion is used during the rolling stroke
    roll wrist and brush along tooth contours
  15. what are three limitations to the rolling stroke?
    • laceration of alveolar mucosa
    • incomplete brushing
    • punctate lesions-puncture gum tissue with bristles
  16. what method is for the cervical brushing and good for pt with recession
    stillman method
  17. the _____ method is used for stimulation , cleaning of the CERVICAL aspects of the teeth
    stillman method
  18. how is the brush directed for the stillman method and what is the motion used?
    • brush directed apically
    • moved in a rotary motion (circle circle round and round)
  19. what method is used to remove biofilm from cervical areas below the height of contour and from exposed proximal surfaces
    modified stillman method
  20. what is the starting position for the modified stillman method?
    side of filaments against attached gingiva
  21. how is the brush angled for the modified stillman method
    45* apically
  22. what is the motion used for the modified stillman method
    rotary motion for 10 counts
  23. the modified stillman method has a starting position with the _____ of the filaments against the _____ ____ and the brush is angled _____ at _____ degrees and a _____ motion is used for ____ counts and the the brush is then rolled _____ from the _____ and then advanced
    • side
    • attached gingiva
    • apically 45
    • rotary
    • 10
    • away
    • tissue
  24. what are two limitations to the modified stillman method?
    • incomplete brushing
    • difficult to maintain light pressure
  25. what method is used for gingival margins?
    charters method
  26. what method is used to remove biofilm in marginal and interdental gingiva and is great after surgery where interproximal tissue is missing, it cleans the cervical areas and exposed roots.
    Charters method
  27. t/f when comparing the charters and stillman methods the stillman brush is approximately 45* to the occlusal plan with brush tips directed towards the occlusal or incisal surfaces and the Charters the brush is angled approximately 45* to the long axis of the tooth.
    Both statements are FALSE! Stillman 45* to long axis and Charters 45* to occlusal
  28. t/f the charter method is opposite to the tb placement when compared to the stillman
    bettah believe it missy so true!
  29. what motion is used for the charters method?
    Get out your vibrator, and make it go circle circle for 10 seconds
  30. what are three limitations to the charters method?
    • sulcus not accessed
    • accessibility
    • dexterity
  31. what are five other methods of brushing that we do not recommend?
    • fones-bite teeth together and brush
    • leonard-vertical up and down
    • smith-physiologic (brush in the same pattern as your food)
    • horizontal
    • scrub brush-vigorous (fast and furious)
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