1. what are three types of toothbrushes
    • manual
    • power
    • supplementary (proxabrushes)
  2. what are the four uses of a toothbrush?
    • bioflim removal
    • application of preventive agents
    • halitosis control
    • sanitation of the oral cavity
  3. how is a tooth brush used for halitosis control?
    brushing the teeth and tongue
  4. what preventive agents are used on a toothbrush?
    • toothpaste
    • fluoride
  5. Excavations in ________ uncovered elaborate gold ______ used around the 3000 BC (hint not a toothbrush)
    • mesopotamia
    • toothpicks
  6. who was the first person to describe gum disease, calculus and complex perio treatments? (hint lets call him Mr. Hip Hop HipHoppotmus)
  7. who was the first one to advise use of sponges and herb roots, scaling teeth, developed instruments and splints for loose teeth and developed dentifrices and mouthwashes?
    Pierre Fauchard
  8. what is dentifrice?
  9. what was the early toothbrushing method (hint lots of abrasion)
    go from gumline down tooth
  10. what were early toothbrushes made out of?
    • hard bristled brush
    • natural hog bristles
  11. what are the seven characteristics of an effective tb
    • conforms to pt requirements
    • easily manipulated
    • impervious to moisture
    • easily cleaned
    • durable and inexpensive
    • flexible, soft, light handle
    • filament flexibility, end rounded
  12. why must a tb be impervious to moisture?
    harbor bacteria
  13. what is the benefit for end rounded filaments?
    not as harsh on the teeth and gums
  14. what are the three parts of a tb
    • handle
    • head
    • shank
  15. what is the composition of a tb handle?
    plastic or combo polymers
  16. what are the properties of a tb handle?
    durability, imperviousness to moisture, pleasing appearance, low cost and sufficient maneuverability
  17. what are the disadvantages to a natural bristle tb
    • not easy to clean
    • hollow-harbor bacteria
    • harsh on teeth and gums
    • recession
  18. what is the normal tb bristle and filament?
    synthetic, plastic, nylon
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