Vocab Units 1-7

  1. admonish
    (v.) to caution or advise against something; to scold mildly; to remind of a duty

    synonyms: warn, call on the carpet
  2. breach
    (n.) an opening, gap, rupture, rift; a violation or infraction; (v.) to create an opening, break through

    • synonyms: (v.) close, seal
  3. brigand
    (n.) a bandit, robber, outlaw, highwayman

    synonyms: none
  4. circumspect
    (adj.) careful, cautious

    synonyms: wary, guarded, prudent
  5. commandeer
    (v.) to seize for military or official use

    synonyms: take over, requisition, expropriate
  6. cumbersome
    (adj.) clumsy, hard to handle; slow-moving

    synonyms: unwieldy, ponderous
  7. deadlock
    (n.) a standstill resulting from the opposition of two equal forces or factions; (v.) to bring to such a standstill

    • synonyms: (n.) standoff, stalemate, impasse
  8. debris
    (n.) scattered fragments, wreckage

    synonyms: rubble, detritus, flotsam and jetsam
  9. diffuse
    (v.) to spread or scatter freely or widely; (adj.) wordy, long-winded, or unfocused; scattered or widely spread

    synonyms: (v.) disperse; (adj.) rambling, verbose, prolix
  10. dilemma
    (n.) a difficult or perplexing situation or problem

    synonyms: predicament, quandary, pickle, bind
  11. efface
    (v.) to wipe out; to keep oneself from being noticed

    synonyms: blot out, erase, obliterate, expunge
  12. muddle
    (v.) to make a mess of; muddle through: to get by; (n.) a hopeless mess

    synonyms: (v.) jumble, mess up; (n.) confusion, disorder
  13. opinionated
    (adj.) stubborn and often unreasonable in holding one's own ideas, having a closed mind

    synonyms: obstinate, pigheaded, inflexible
  14. perennial
    (adj.) lasting for a long time, persistent; (n.) a plant that lives for many years.

    • synonyms: (adj.) enduring, recurring
  15. predispose
    (v.) to incline to beforehand

    synonyms: to make susceptible to
  16. relinquish
    (v.) to let go, give up

    synonyms: surrender, abandon
  17. salvage
    (v.) to save from fire or shipwreck; (n.) property thus saved

    synonyms: (v.) rescue, recover, retrieve, reclaim
  18. spasmodic
    (adj.) sudden and violent but brief; fitful; intermittent

    synonyms: irregular, occasional
  19. spurious
    (adj.) not genuine, not true, not valid

    synonyms: false, counterfeit, fraudulent, bogus
  20. unbridled
    (adj.) uncontrolled; lacking in restraint

    synonyms: unrestrained, unchecked
  21. adjourn
    (v.) to stop proceedings temporarily; move to another place

    synonyms: postpone, suspend, discontinue
  22. alien
    (n.) a citizen of another country; (adj.) foreign, strange

    synonyms: (adj.) exotic, unfamiliar
  23. comely
    (adj.) having a pleasing appearance

    synonyms: good-looking, attractive, bonny
  24. compensate
    (v.) to make up for; to repay for services

    synonyms: pay back, reimburse, recompense
  25. dissolute
    (adj.) loose in one's morals or behavior

    synonyms: dissipated, debauched, immoral, corrupt
  26. erratic
    (adj.) not regular or consistent; different from what is ordinarily expected; undependable

    synonyms: irregular, inconsistent, unpredicatable
  27. expulsion
    (n.) the process of driving or forcing out

    synonyms: ejection, ouster, eviction
  28. feint
    (n.) a deliberately deceptive movement; a pretense; (v.) to make a deceptive movement; to make a pretense of

    synonyms: (n.) trick, ruse, subterfuge, dodge, bluff
  29. fodder
    (n.) food for horses orr cattle ; raw material for a designated purpose

    synonyms: feed, provender
  30. fortify
    (v.) to strengthen, build up

    synonyms: reinforce, shore up
  31. illegible
    (adj.) difficult or impossible to read

    synonyms: unreadable, indecipherable, scribbled
  32. jeer
    (v.) to make fun of rudely or unkindly; (n.) a rude remark of derision

    synonyms: (v.) laugh at, mock, taunt
  33. lucrative
    (adj.) bringing in money, profitable

    synonyms: gainful, moneymaking
  34. mediocre
    (adj.) average, ordinary, undistinguishing

    synonyms: run-of-the-mill
  35. proliferate
    (v.) to reproduce, increase, or spread rapidly

    synonyms: multiply, mushroom, burgeon
  36. subjugate
    (v.) to conquer by force, bring under complete control

    synonyms: subdue, vanquish, master
  37. sully
    (v.) to soil, stain, tarnish, defile, besmirch

    synonyms: pollute, taint smear
  38. tantalize
    (v.) to tease, torment by teasing

    synonyms: tempt, lead on, make one's mouth water
  39. terse
    (adj.) brief and to the point

    synonyms: concise, succinct, crisp, short and sweet
  40. unflinching
    (adj.) firm, showing no signs of fear, not drawing back

    synonyms: resolute, steadfast, unwavering
  41. abridge
    (v.) to make shorter

    synonyms: shortne, condense, abbreviate
  42. adherent
    (n.) a follower, supporter; (adj.) attached, sticking to

    synonyms: (n.) disciple
  43. altercation
    (n.) an angry argument

    synonyms: quarrel, dispute, squabble
  44. cherubic
    (adj.) resembling an angel portrayed as a little child with a beautiful, round, or chubby face; sweet and innocent

    synonyms: angelic, seraphic, beatific
  45. condone
    (v.) to pardon or overlook

    synonyms: ignore, wink at, turn a blind eye to
  46. dissent
    (v.) to disagree; (n.) disagreement

    synonyms: (v.) differ, dispute
  47. eminent
    (adj.) famous, outstanding, distinguished; projecting

    synonyms: illustrious, renowned
  48. exorcise
    (v.) to drive out by majic; to dispose of something troublesome, menacing, or oppressive

    synonyms: expel, dispel
  49. fabricate
    (v.) to make, manufacture; to make up, invent

    synonyms: put together, devise, contrive, concoct
  50. irate
    (adj.) angry

    synonyms: incensed, infuriated, enraged, livid
  51. marauder
    (n.) a raider, plunderer

    synonyms: looter, pirate, freebooter
  52. obesity
    (n.) excessive fatness

    synonyms: serious overweight, extreme corpulence
  53. pauper
    (n.) an extremely poor person

    synonyms: destitute person
  54. pilfer
    (v.) to steal in small quantities

    synonyms: flich, rob, swipe, purloin
  55. rift
    (n.) a split, break, breach

    synonyms: crack, fissure, gap, cleft
  56. semblance
    (n.) a likeness; an outward appearance; an apparition

    synonyms: appearance, air, aura, veneer, facade
  57. surmount
    (v.) to overcome, rise above

    synonyms: conquer, triumph over
  58. terminate
    (v.) to bring to an end

    synonyms: conclude, finish, discontinue
  59. trite
    (adj.) commonplace; overused, stale

    synonyms: banal, hackneyed, corny
  60. usurp
    (v.) to sieze and hold a position by force or without right

    synonyms: seize illegally, commandeer, supplant
  61. abscond
    (v.) to run off and hide

    synonyms: bolt, make off, skip down
  62. access
    (n.) approach or admittance to places, persons, things; an increase; (v.) to get at, obtain

    synonyms: (n.) entry, admittance, entree
  63. anarchy
    (n.) a lack of government and law; confusion

    synonyms: chaos, disorder, turmoil, pandemonium
  64. arduous
    (adj.) hard to do, requiring much effort

    synonyms: hard, difficult, laborious, fatiguing
  65. auspicious
    (adj.) favorable; fortunate

    synonyms: promising, encouraging, propitious
  66. biased
    (adj.) favoring one side unduly; prejudiced

    synonyms: unfair, partial, bigoted
  67. daunt
    (v.) to overcome with fear, intimate; to dishearten, discourage

    synonyms: dismay, cow
  68. disentangle
    (v.) to free from tangles or complications

    synonyms: unravel, unwind, unscramble, unsnarl
  69. fated
    (adj.) determined in advance by destiny or fortune

    synonyms: destined, preordained, doomed
  70. hoodwink
    (v.) mislead by a trick, decieve

    synonyms: dupe, put one over on
  71. inanimate
    (adj.) not having a life; without energy or spirit

    synonyms: lifeless, dead, inert, spiritless
  72. intrepid
    (adj.) very brave, fearless, unshakable

    synonyms: valiant, courageous, audacious, daring
  73. larceny
    (n.) theft

    synonyms: stealing, robbery, burglary
  74. pliant
    (adj.) bending readily; easily influenced

    synonyms: supple, flexible, elastic, plastic
  75. pompous
    (adj.) overly self-important in speech and manner; excessively stately or ceremonious

    synonyms: pretentious, highfalutin, bombastic
  76. precipice
    (n.) a very steep cliff; the brink or edge of disaster

    synonyms: cliff, crag, bluff, promontory, ledge
  77. rectify
    (v.) to make right, correct

    synonyms: remedy, set right
  78. reprieve
    (n.) a temporary relief or delay; (v.) to grant a postponment

    synonyms: (n.) stay, respite; (v.) postpone, delay
  79. revile
    (v.) attack with words, call bad names

    synonyms: inveigh against, maligm, vilify, denounce
  80. accomplice
    (n.) a person who takes part in a crime

    synonyms: partner in crime, confederate
  81. annihilate
    (v.) to destroy completely

    synonyms: obliterate, decimate, demolish
  82. arbitrary
    (adj.) unreasonable; based on one's wishes or whims without regard for reason or fairness

    synonyms: capricious, high-handed, autocratic
  83. brazen
    (adj.) shameless, impudent; made of brass

    synonyms: saucy, bold
  84. catalyst
    (n.) a substance that cuases or hastens a chemical reaction; any agent that causes change

    synonyms: stimulus, spur, instigator
  85. exodus
    (n.) a large-scale departure or flight

    synonyms: emigration,escape, hegria
  86. facilitate
    (v.) to make easier; to assist

    synonyms: ease, smooth the way, simplify
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