1. Must comply with quarentine regulation and cooperate with agencies listed in matters of quarentine
    Commanding Officers
  2. WHat are the quarentinable diseases
    • Cholera
    • Plague
    • Yellow Fever
    • Smallpox
  3. Diarrheal ilness caused by the bacterium Vibrio Cholerae
  4. A person can get this from drinking water or eating contaminated food
  5. Epidemic with the source of infection is the feces of an infected person
  6. A disease that is spread rapidly in areas with inadequate treatment of sewage and drinking water
  7. Yesernia pestis baterium that infects animals and humans
  8. Usually passed to people from the bite of an infected flea
  9. What are the two clinical forms of the plague
    • Bubonic
    • Pneumonic
  10. Plague epidemics caused by respiratory droplet propagation
  11. Prefered method of control of Plague
    Rat-proofing of buildings and/or ships
  12. Viral disease caused from the bite of an infected mosquito
    Yellow fever
  13. How long does the single dose of yellow fever good for
    10 years
  14. Last known occuring case of this disease was in 1977
    Small Pox
  15. Prefered control method is Vacinna Virus immunization
    Small pox
  16. Instruction in which outlines the quarentine regulations of the armed forces
    SECNAVINST 6210.2
  17. Replaced BUMEDNOTE 6250.14
    BUMEDNOTE 6210
  18. Procurement of Deratting/Deratting exemption certificates
    BUMEDNOTE 6210
  19. Shipboard Sanitation Control Certificate
    BUMEDNOTE 6210
  20. Required for ships entering foriegn ports
    • Shipboard Sanitation Certificate
    • BUMEDNOTE 6210
  21. How long is the BUMEDNOTE 6210 Shipboard Sanitation Certificate good for
    • Valid for 6 Months
    • May be extended for one month by original user
  22. In a foriegn port you may recieve these people onboard for recieving certificate compliance but only with approval of the CO
    Foriegn health Officials
  23. Foriegn health officials are can come onboard your ship without any authorization
    • False
    • CO must authorize
  24. Foriegn officials Can conduct routine inspections of your vessels
    • False
    • Only certification requirements
  25. within 15 days of pulling into US port a patient has a fever 101 F, rash, glandular swelling, or jaundice or persisted for more than 48 hours what will happen to the ship
    Quarentine the ship
  26. What can quarentine a ship from pulling into port
    • Patient temp 100 or greater accompinied by rash glandular swelling
    • Jaundice persisting more than 48 hrs
    • Dealth due to illness other than battle casulties
  27. Time span a commanding officer must submitt to high authorities prior to pulling in port of quarentine conditions
    12-72 hours
  28. Tubercoulosis Control Program
    BUMEDINST 6224.8A
  29. Provides policy and guidance for controling TB amoung DON, military personnel and Military sea lift command and CIVMAR
    Purpose of TB control program
  30. Elements of control program TB Screening
    • TB Skin test
    • Radiographs
  31. Elements of prevention of active TB disease
    • Medical Evaluation
    • Chemoprophylaxis
  32. Elements of management of Active TB disease
    • Treatment
    • Prevention of spread of contacts
    • MER requirements
  33. Early detection of infection and IDentification of contacts
    TB contact investigation
  34. Medical evaluation and treatment and follow up testing
    TB contact investigation
  35. Elements of TB control as part of the TB contact investigation
    • ID of contacts
    • Follow up through testing
    • Early detection of infection
    • Medical Evaluation/Treatment
  36. Graduated in 0.1 ml intervals and fitted with a 25-gauge 5/8 inch needle
    Disposable 1ml TB syringe
  37. Only approved PPD test
    Premixed tween-80-stabilized intermediate strength PPD (5TU)
  38. The patient is symptomatic and /or exhibits laboratory/radiographic evidence of infection
    Active Disease
  39. Patient is asymptomatic but has positive PPD
    Tuberculosis infection
  40. The difference between these two is one is asymptomatic with positive PPD and the other has lab or radiological evidence of infection
    • TB infection
    • active disease
  41. TB skin test using a syringe and needle to inject purified protien derivative (PPD) of tuberculin
    Mantoux Method
  42. Area around the site of PPD (TB) injection is raised and firm
  43. Person with positive test when read 48-72 hours after adminsitration (based on risk factors outlined in table 1 BUMEDINST 6224.8a)
    Tuberculin reactor
  44. Person with negative test when read 48-72 hours after adminsitration (based on risk factors outlined in table 1 BUMEDINST 6224.8a)
    Tuberculin Non-reactor
  45. INH oral daily dose 5mg/kg (300 max) for 9 months to accomplish 270 daily doses within 12 months
    Or 15mg/kg (900 max) twice weekly for 9 months daily observed
    TB preventive therapy and alternate
  46. Who must be part of the initial screening of TB
    • All personnel entering active duty
    • individual beginning employment with CIVMAR or MSC
  47. Periodic TB screening is conducted when
    During PHA
  48. Within how muchlength of time must a member either have a skin test or annual evaluation as an old reactor if being seperated from service
    Within 6 months
  49. How must you measure the induration of a positive PPD interpretation
    Measure the widest part in mm
  50. How must results be recorded
    • Date
    • TB type
    • Dose
    • route
    • site
    • result (mm)
    • date read
    • reader name
    • reader signature
  51. what forms must the TB results and test be recorded on
    • NAVMED 6230/4 or
    • NAVMED 6230/5 under tuberculosis sensitivity test
  52. Percentage of close contacts who are TB reactors or converters for significant new reactor rate
    Good indicator of case's infectivity
  53. What will give a false positive PPD reading of less than 10 mm induration and wane within 8 years
    Bacillus Camette Guerin (BCG)
  54. What should be done with BCG False positives
    Disregard history of vaccination and manage accordingly
  55. what size induration is considered for INH therapy
    5mm or greater
    BUMEDINST 6230.15
  57. INstruction for medical event reporting
    BUMEDINST 6220.12
  58. TB Control Program
    BUMEDINST 6224.8a
  59. QUarentine Regulation of the Armed Forces
    SECNAVINST 6210.2a
  60. Shipboard sanitation Certificate
    BUMEDNOTE 6210
  61. Established for timely and adequate public health response to a communicable disease
    Medical Event Reporting
  62. An estimation of distribution, trends, and risk of communicable disease
    Purpose of Medical Event Reporting (MER)
  63. Development and assesment of policy and resourse allocation for the control of medical events
    Purpose of MERS
  64. A reportable condition that is suspected or confirmed
    Submission of MERS
  65. Notified of a communicable disease outbreak or injury
    Submit Mers
  66. Diseases or conditions that require priority reporting of MERS
    • Anthrax
    • Botulism
    • Cholera
    • E. Coli
    • Malaria
    • Measels
    • Meningoccocal
    • Food/water associated illnesses
  67. What system is used for submission of MERS
    NAval Disease reporting System (NDRSi)
  68. Temps of Other bioligicals
  69. Temps for anthrax storage
  70. Temps for yellow fever
  71. This report is submitted to the cognizant NEPMU at the end of the month
    Routine MER
  72. WHo must the MER be addressed to if you are in port outside your normal NEPMU
    Submitted to the regional Cognizant NEPMU
  73. Preforms GLOBAL surveillance and monitoring of reportable medical events
    NAvy and MArine Corps Public Health Center
  74. Sending Data to defenst medical survillance system or higher authority
    Maintain NDRSi
  75. Provide regional communicable disease survillance and control
  76. WHo validate the MERS annually
  77. Timely and adequate public health response to medical events
    Primary Purpose of MERS
  78. For short notice travel or deployments what must be done for series immunizations
    First dose of the series
  79. Immunization and chemoprophylaxis
    BUMEDINST 6230.15
  80. What authority can reduce minimum intervals
  81. 3 dose series
    1 month
    6 month
    HEP B
  82. 3 dose series
    7 day
    30 days
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