Vocab Exam #1

  1. a-, an-
    absence or lack; arcadia, lack of a heart, anaerobic, in the absence of oxygen
  2. ab-
    departing from, away from; abnormal, departing from normal
  3. acou-
    hearing; acoustics, the science of sound
  4. ac-, acro-
    extreme or extremity, peak; acrodermititis, inflammation of the skin of the extremities
  5. ad-
    to or toward; adorbital, toward the orbit
  6. aden-, adeno-
    gland; adeniform, resembling a gland in shape
  7. adren-
    toward the kidney; adrenal gland, adjacent to the kidney
  8. aero-
    air; aerobic respiration, oxygen-requiring metabolism
  9. af-
    toward; afferent neurons, which carry impulses to the central nervous system
  10. agon-
    contest; agonistic and antagonistic muscles, which oppose each other
  11. alb-
    white; corpus albicans of the ovary, a white scar tissue
  12. aliment-
    nourish; alimentary canal, or digestive tract
  13. allel-
    of one another, alleles, alternative expression of a gene
  14. amphi-
    on both sides, of both kinds; amphibian, an organism capable of living in water and on land
  15. ana-
    apart, up, again; anaphase of mitosis, when the chromosome seperate
  16. anastomos-
    come together; arteriovenous anastomiosis, a connection between an artery and a vein
  17. aneurysm-
    a widening; aortic aneurysm, a weak spot that causes enlargement of the blood vessel
  18. angi-
    vessel; angiitis, inflammation of a lymph vessel or blood vessel
  19. angin-
    choked; angina pectoris, a choked feeling in the chest due to dysfunction of the heart
  20. ant-, anti-
    opposed to, preventing or inhibiting; anticoagulant, a substance that prevents blood coagulation
  21. ante-
    preceding, before; antecubital, in front of the elbow
  22. aort-
    great artery; aorta
  23. ap-, api-
    tip, extremity; apex of the heart
  24. append-
    hang to;appendicular skeleton
  25. aqua-, aque-
    water; aqueous solutions
  26. arbor-
    tree; arbor vitae of the cerebellum, the treelike pattern of white matter
  27. areola-
    open space; areolar connective tissue, a loose connective tissue
  28. arrect-
    upright; arrector pili muscles of the skin, which make the hairs stand erect
  29. arthr-, arthro-
    joint; arthropathy, any joint disease
  30. artic-
    joint; articular surfaces of bones, the points of connection
  31. atri-
    vestibule; atria, upper chambers of the heart
  32. auscult-
    listen; auscultatory method for measuring blood pressure
  33. aut-, auto-
    self; autogenous, self-generated
  34. ax-, axi-, axo-
    axis, axle; axial skeleton, axis of vertebral column
  35. azyg-
    unpaired; azygous vein, an unpaired vessel
  36. baro-
    pressure; barroreceptors for monitoring blood pressure
  37. basal
    base; basal lamina of epithelial basement membrane
  38. bi-
    two; bicuspid, having two cups
  39. bili-
    bile; bilirubin, a bile pigment
  40. bio-
    life; biology, the study of life and living organisms
  41. blast-
    bud or germ; blastocyte, undifferentiated embryonic cell
  42. brachi-
    arm; brachial plexus of peripheral nervous system supplies the arm
  43. brady-
    slow; bradycardia, abnormally slow heart rate
  44. brev-
    short; peroneus brevis, a short leg muscle
  45. broncho-
    bronchus; bronchospasm, spasmodic contraction of bronchial muscle
  46. bucco-
    cheek;buccolabial, pertaining to the cheek and lip
  47. calor-
    heat; calories, a measure of energy
  48. capill-
    hair; blood and lymph capillaries
  49. caput-
    head; decapitate, remove the head
  50. carcin-
    cancer; carcinogen, a cancer-causing agent
  51. cardi-, cardio-
    heart; cardiotoxic, harmful to the heart
  52. carneo-
    flesh; trabeculae carnea, ridges of muscle in the ventricles of the heart
  53. carot-
    (1) carrot, (2) stupor; (1) carotene, an orange pigment, (2) carotid arteries in the neck, blockage causes fainting
  54. cata-
    down; catabolism, chemical breakdown
  55. caud-
    tail; caudal (directional term)
  56. cec-
    blind; cecu of large intestine, a blind-ended pouch
  57. cele-
    abdominal; celiac artery, in the abdomen
  58. cephal-
    head; cephalometer, an instrument for measuring the head
  59. cerebro-
    brain, especially the cerebrum; cerebrospinal, pertaining to the brain and spinal cord
  60. cervic-, cervix-
    neck; cervix of the uterus
  61. chiasm-
    crossing; optic chiasma, where optic nerve cross
  62. chole-
    bile, cholesterol, cholecystokinin, a bile-secreting hormone
  63. chondr-
    cartilage; chondrogenic, giving rise to cartilage
  64. chrom-
    colored; chromosome, so named because they stain darkly
  65. cili-
    small hair; ciliated epithelium
  66. circum-
    around; circumnuclear, surrounding the nucleus
  67. clavic-
    key; clavicle, a "skeleton key"
  68. co-, con-
    together; concentric, common center, together in the center
  69. coccy-
    cuckoo; coccyx, which is beak shaped
  70. cochlea
    snail shell; the cochlea of the inner ear, which is coiled like a snail shell
  71. coel-
    hollow; coelom, the ventral body cavity
  72. commis-
    united; gray commissure of the spinal cord connects the two columns of grey matter
  73. concha
    shell; nasal conchaw, coiled shelves of bone in the nasal cavity
  74. contra-
    against; contraceptive, agent preventing contraceptive
  75. corn-, cornu-
    horn; stratum corneum, outer layer if the skin exposed of (horny) cells
  76. corona-
    crown; coronal suture of the skull
  77. corp-
    body; corpse,corpus luteum,hormone-secreting body in the ovary
  78. cort-
    bark; cortex, the outer layer of the brain, kidney, adrenal glands, and lymph nodes
  79. cost-
    rib; intercostal, between the ribs
  80. crani-
    skull; craniotomy, a skull operation
  81. crypt-
    hidden; cryptomenorrhea, a condition in which menstrual symptoms are experienced but no external loss of blood occurs
  82. cusp-
    pointed; bicuspid, tricuspid valves of the heart
  83. cutic-
    skin; cuticle of the nail
  84. cyan-
    blue; cyanosis, blue color of the skin due to lack of oxygen
  85. cyst-
    sac, bladder; cystitis, inflammation of the urinary bladder
  86. cyt-
    cell; cytology, the study of cells
  87. de-
    undoing, reversal, loss, removal; deactivation, becoming inactive
  88. decid-
    falling off; deciduous (milk) teeth
  89. delta
    triangular; deltoid muscle, roughly triangular in shape
  90. den-, dent-
    tooth; dentin of the tooth
  91. dendr-
    tree, branch; dendritess, telodendria, both branches of a neuron
  92. derm-
    skin; dermis, deep layer of the skin
  93. desm-
    bond; desmosome, which binds adjacent epithelial cells
  94. di-
    twice, double; deimorphism, having two forms
  95. dia-
    through, between; diaphragm, the wall through or between two areas
  96. dialys-
    seperate, break apart; kidney dialysis, in which waste products are removed from the blood
  97. diastol-
    stand apart; cardiac diastole, between successive contractions of the heart
  98. diure-
    urinated; diuretic, a drug that increases urine output
  99. dors-
    the back, dorsal, dorsum, dorsiflexion
  100. duc-, duct
    lead, draw; ductus deferens which carries sperm from the epididymis into the urethra during ejaculation
  101. dura
    hard; dura mater, tough outer meninx
  102. dys-
    difficult, faulty, painful; dyspepsia, disturbed digestion
  103. ec-, ex-, ecto-
    out, outside, away from; excrete, to remove materials from the body
  104. ectop-
    displaced; ectopic pregnancy, ectopic focus for the initiation of heart contraction
  105. edem-
    swelling; edema, accumulation of water in body tissues
  106. ef-
    away; efferent nerve fibers, which carry impulses away from the central nervous system
  107. ejac-
    to shoot forth; ejaculation of semen
  108. embol-
    wedge; embolus, an obstructive object taveling in the blood stream
  109. en-, em-
    in, inside; encysted, enclosed in a cyst or capsule
  110. enceph-
    brain; encephalitis, inflammation of the brain
  111. endo-
    within, inner; endocytosis, taking particles into a cell
  112. entero-
    intestine; enterologist, one who specializes in the study if intestinal disorders
  113. epi-
    over, above; epidermis, outer layer of skin
  114. erythr-
    red; erythema, redness if the skin, erythrocyte, red blood cell
  115. eso-
    within, esophagus
  116. eu-
    well; euesthesia, a normal state of the senses
  117. excret-
    seperate; excretory waste
  118. exo-
    outside, outer layer; exophthalmos, an abnormal protrusion of the eye frin the orbit
  119. extra-
    outside, beyond; extracellular, outside the body cells of an organism
  120. extrins-
    from the outside; extrinsic regulation of the heart
  121. fasci-, fascia-
    bundle, band: superficial and deep fascia
  122. fenestr-
    window; fenestrated capillaries
  123. ferr-
    iron; transferrin, ferritin, both iron-storage proteins
  124. flagell-
    whip: flagellum, the tail of a sperm cell
  125. flat-
    blow, blown: flatulence
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