1. NAACP
    Niagra movement African Americans have to go and demand their rights. Several founding members are white, Jane Adams is white.
  2. Hawaii
    U.S traders go in and missionaries follow, planters go for sugar and fruits. We make a trade agreement with Hawaii and then we get rights to pearl harbor. Planters are becoming economically powerful.
  3. Cuban and Spanish American War
    Didn't have enough of anything, men, boats, and uniforms. We were fighting Spain so it was okay. We show up at the phillipine front and an army is there to take it over but we get it anyway.
  4. Anti Imperialism
    Andrew Carnigie, Mark Twain, Samual Gompers, Grover Cleveland, Carl Schurz, Carl Elliot, Thomas Reed, William Jennings Bryan. Reasons are they believe imperialism is against American ideals cost lack of benefits large army and nave and race.
  5. Platt Amendment
    U.S pressures Cuba to add to their constitution that they cant make treaties with other countries without the approval of the U.S, U.S will get the naval station, U.S has the right to intervene to perserve independence, Cuba cant have debt above ability to pay back.
  6. Phillipine War
    Fight a war to get control of Phillipines lose more men then we lost in Spanish American War, takes longer to fight we do get control of the phillipines, 50,000 phillipines die.
  7. Muckrakers
    They talk about the negative things going on. Jacob Riis writes a book called how the other half lives.
  8. Social Gospel
    Gospel isnt something you just talk about in church, you have to go out and help the community appy it in the outside world. Salvation army, am I my brothers keeper? A mix of social responsibility and religion.
  9. Result of Progressives
    Decrease power of the political machine, formed special interest groups, part of the result of the attacks in party and machines the success of progressive groups is teh rise of special interest groups.
  10. Progressive Beliefs
    The main objective is to make the gov. more responsive to the people and take control of the political machines. Secret ballot has a color ballot. Iniative people can get a law to put on ballot. Referendum Legislature people can vote off a law. Recall can vote someone out of office.
  11. Hull House
    Started by Jane Adams, learn how to improve yourself, learn how to be American by learning the language and customs, for free. Young women from upper and middle class helps bring out the social worker.
  12. Professions and Middle Class
    Value education main people in the progressivce movement were middle class organizations liek the AMA women professions 5% are doctors mostly womena er teachers, mainly into nurturing professionaly the end of the ninteenth century an increase in administrative and professional occupations the new middle class puts a high value on education they want standards set for professionals 1901 American Medical Association by 1920 two thirds of the members are doctors by 1916 American Bar Association for the lawyers, business set up the chair of commerce these organizations not only sets standars but they keep out blacks, immigrants, and women.
  13. R. Lafollete
    Mr. Progressive head of Wisconsin which is the most progressive state at the time.
  14. Brandice
    Writes the book of peoples money any large company is a threat to our freedom they restrict our competition.
  15. Imperialists
    Jingoes. Teddy Roosevelt, Henry Cabot Lodge, Alfred Thayer Mahan, Henry Adams. Reasons, ecomonic benefits defence altruism supremacy and racism.
  16. Eugene Greer
    Run for socialist party 1,000,000 votes.
  17. More reasons for imperialism
    close of the frontier, worry about natural resources we may need alternative resouces
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