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  1. T/F Being pregnant increases caries
    False! the habits of a pregnant woman might change and cause the caries
  2. what is the diet like of a pregnant woman?
    • they eat more often,
    • more sweets,
    • more cariogenic foods
  3. being more lax because of nausea and brushing may cause gagging are considered ______ of oral care
  4. what planning for dental hygiene care for the 1st semester is recommended? (2)
    • assess and instruct
    • baseline prophy
  5. T/F the second trimester is best for general dental hygiene tx
  6. what causes babies to grow faster, diabetes in the future, and/or hypertension?
    gestational diabetes during pregnancy
  7. when do you need an OBGYN consultation?
    for high risk patients
  8. T/F it is best to use permanent restorative materials for a pregnant woman so they get it all taken care of before they have a baby and find out they don't have time
  9. T/F a pregnant woman should have fewer prophys and longer appointments
    FALSE! MORE prophys and SHORTER appointments :)
  10. Second trimester is _______ for the fetus and _________ for tx. Elective Tx beginning of _____ trimester
    • safest
    • optimum
    • 3rd
  11. in pt positioning of a pregnant woman, which side will they want to lay on?
    LA LA LA LEFT side!
  12. why would a prego woman need frequent breaks?
    because they have to pee all the time! baby sits on the bladder
  13. what emergency preparedness should you be ready for if a prego woman is in your chair?
    syncopy. make sure they have eaten and they are not hypoglycemic
  14. what should you tell someone to do at home when they are pregnant?
    brush and floss more!!!
  15. what kind of sensitivity should you be aware of with someone prego?
    olfactory sensitivity
  16. pt chair modification should be for the ___ trimester
  17. T/F pregnancy causes tooth loss
    FALSE! its an old wives tale
  18. T/F calcium is leeched from teeth by fetus
    False! calcium is stable in teeth
  19. T/F Calcium is present in teeth in a stable crystalline form and is unavailable to systemic circulation
    of course it's true, do you think i made that one up?
  20. T/F tooth mobility is common during pregnancy
    FALSE! uncommon
  21. T/F Mobility is a sign of gingival disease which may be exacerbated by pregnancy and vitamin deficiencies
    True again
  22. Vitamin D: Is good for _________ __________.
    Vitamin A: Helps prevent ________ _______
    if taken excessively may cause ______ _______
    • calcium metabolism
    • preterm birth
    • birth defects
  23. what prevents spina bifida?
    vit B9 or folate (folic acid)
  24. systemic fluoride benefits the ______ and ______
    mother and child
  25. 2.2 NaFl tablet given to mothers in 2nd and 3rd trimester resulted in ___% of offspring being _____ free for up to __ years. This study was done by _____ and ______ associates
    • 97%
    • caries
    • 10
    • Glenn and Glenn
  26. Fluoride provides an ________ birth weight and decrease in ______ births.
    • increase
    • premature
  27. T/F most meds have little significance to an infant during breast feeding
  28. ___-___% of maternal dose of drugs taken is excreted in breast milk
  29. what are two things to take into consideration in concerning breast milk and drugs?
    • take meds right AFTER breast feeding
    • avoid nursing for 4+ hours if possible
  30. what are 5 cx drugs to breast feeding?
    • Lithium
    • Anti-cancer drugs
    • Radioactive drugs
    • SedativesPhenindione—anti coagulant
    • Excessive alcohol
  31. What is the Primary vehicle for transfer of cariogenic streptococci
    mother's saliva
  32. Should you clean a pacifier with your mouth before putting it in your childs mouth?
    no! it just introduces more bacteria to them that they didn't have already
  33. Click for the conclusion!!! yay!!!!
    • Dental Management Considerations for Patients Who Are Pregnant:
    • -Evaluate patient; determine trimester and health status.
    • -Confirm that medical prenatal care was provided, or facilitate entry into medical care.
    • -Provide periodontal therapy and oral hygiene instructions.
    • -Educate the patient: Discuss the importance and benefits of good plaque control and fluoride. -Minimize radiographic exposure
    • -Minimize drug use.
    • -Drug selection should be based on safety profile, risk to mother and fetus, and potential for interactions and adverse effects.
    • -Avoid prolonged appointment time in the dental chair.
    • -The safest time for provision of dental treatment is in the second trimester
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