drive train

  1. When is the impending bypass button on the oil filter acuated?
    when the differential pressure across the filter is greater than 23 +-2
  2. During preflight how do you check the oil fluid level?
    ensure the sight glass is half full
  3. What is the purpose of the magnetic pickup?
    provides an electrical signal to the DMS to monitor main rotor rpm
  4. How long does the felt wicking in the transmission provide operation if the oil supply is lost?
    30 minutes
  5. During prolonged ground ops greater than 30 minutes you need to observe XMSN TEMP1 and 2. Where is this done from?
    A/C ENG SYS MPD page
  6. What angular change occurs in the intermediate gear box?
    71 degree drive angle change
  7. What is used to monitor the intermediate gear box temp?
    four thermisters (provide gearbox hot message)
  8. What component engages and secures the splines on the torque tube preventing its rotation?
    the reaction bar assembly, attached to the bottom of the XMSN
  9. What is the minimum oil psi for nose gearbox 1 or 2?
    30 psi
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