1. Character of the iiad. Was hidden by his mother because she knew he was fated to die in the Trajan War
  2. Saw Artemis naked accidentally, and the was killed by his own dogs.
  3. Man whom Aphrodite and Persephone fell in love with.Killed by Ares in the form of a wild boar.
  4. Clymenestra's lover who helped get revenge on agmemnon for the sacrifice of their daughter Iphiginia.
  5. Trojan prince, Aphrodite and Anchises' son. Escaped the burning city of Troy and fled to Italy. Established the Roman Race
  6. Keeper of the winds on the island in Aeolia, where they are kept chained up in a huge cavern.
  7. Kingof Mycenae and Argos. Led greek forces in the trojan war. Sacraficed daughter(Iphigenia) to please the winds. He was a skilled hunter as Artemis.
  8. Giant greek warrior who killed himself after losing in a fight for Achilles' armor after Odysseus killed Achilles.
    Ajax the Greater
  9. Drowned by Poseidon for offending Athena by boasting his escape from Athena.
    Ajax the Lesser
  10. Woman who volunteered to die in place of her husband Admetus.
  11. Race of warlike woman who lived in the Black Sea region of Asia Minor.
  12. Ocean's daughter or grandaughter, a Nereid. goddess of he Sea and Wife of Poseidon.
  13. Alcmene's husband who arrived home the day after Zeus, disguised as Alcmene's husband had already impregnated her.
  14. Aenaes' father who carried him on his back while escaping a burning Troy, but died before reaching Italy
  15. hector's wife who becomes neoptolemeus' concubine after the fall of troy. Later she bore three children.
  16. ethiopian princess, daughter of cassiopeia and cepheus,who was chained to a rocky cliff. rescued from Cetus by Perseus.
  17. Poseidon's gigantic son who would remain invincible as long as he kept in touch with his mother Gaea. he was challenged to wrestle passers-by and he killed all but one of them.
  18. Oedipus' faithful daughter who who served as his guide during the exile. Buried alive by Creon after she buried her brother Polyneices
  19. Amazon's queen who Thesues allegedly took to Athens, where she bore Hyppolytus.
  20. Mortal lydian woman, proud of her weaving ability, who challenged Athena to a weaving contest. She won, but Athena turned her into a spider so she could spen the rest of her life weaving
  21. 49 greek warriors who accompanied jason to find the Golden fleece
  22. King Minos of Crete's daughter, Dionysus' wife, abandones by Theseus on the island of Naxos after she helped him escape the labrynth
  23. Hector and Andromache's son, killed by neoptolemeus during the sack of troy, was hectors last last male hear to the throne of Troy.
  24. Huntress who promised to marry the suitor who could outrun her. She was finally defeated by hippomenes with the help of Aphrodite.
  25. Titan condemned to hold the sky or heavans on his shoulders fr eternity, for leading the Titans against the gods.
  26. King of Ellis, killed by Hercules for reneging on an agreement to grant him one tenth of the cattle he had cleaned as a fifth of his labor.
  27. Famous theif, learned from his father hermes how to make things invisible.
  28. Killer of the Chimera, thrown from Pegasus and blinded while trying to ride to Mt. Olympus.
  29. The North wind, most violent wind.
  30. mortal, became king of Thebes by following Athena's instructions to plant the tooth a the dragon he killed.
  31. Soothsayer who advised agamemnon to sacrafice wis daughter iphigenia.
  32. nymph that Hera turned into a bear for becoming Zeus' lover, or Zeus turned her into a bear to protect her from Hera.
  33. Priam's daughter who Apollo gave the gift of prophecy. however none of her prophecies were beleived.
  34. Andromeda's mother who said her daughter was more beautiful than the nerieds, Poseido's attendants, only to have him send Cetus the sea monster
  35. old boatman ferried the souls accross the river styx into the underworld.
  36. only immortal centaur, taught Asclepius the arts of healing, Zeus allowed him to live in the underworld instead of feeling the pain of a poisoned arrow
  37. Island enchantress who turned Odysseus' men into swine.
  38. Agamemnon's wife who plotted to kill him for sacrificing their daughter iphigenia.
  39. King of Thebes, awarded the throne to Oedipus for for getting rid of the sphinx.
  40. originally the principal phrygian goddess, identified with Demeter and Rhea. Cronus' wife, mother of the Olympian Gods, and served by Corybantes
  41. architect who invented carpentry and other instruments. BUilt the labyrinth to keep the minotaur .
  42. female spirit who asked the Gods to turn her into a laural tree to avoid the advances of Apollo
  43. Heracles' second wife who unwittingly killed him by sending him a shirt poisoned with the blood of a hydra
  44. prometheus' son called noah, floated a wooden chest with his wife Pyrrha, for nine days.
  45. Legendary founder and queen of Carthage who had a year long affair with Aeneas
  46. Word meaning the sons of Zeus, designating Castor and Pollux.
  47. Mountain nymph who helped zeus and carousedby distracting herawith endless talking.
  48. Clytemnestra's who helped kill her mother and he lover Aegisthus.
  49. man loved and kissed by Selene to keep him from dying. They had 50 total kids.
  50. Oedipus' son who refused to rule the Thebes jointly with his brother Polyneices after their father blinded himself- the brothers ended up killing each other during the WAr of the Seven against Thebes.
  51. Beautiful princess of Tyre, Agenor's daughter, who was abducted by Zeus disguised as a white bull and then carried across the sea to the island of Crete.
  52. Dryad who married Orpheus but died from a snake bite while fleeing the advances of Aristaeus- Orpheus charmed the dieties in the underworld into releasing his wife but lost her forever by looking back when he no longer heard her footsteps.
  53. Beautiful statue carved by Pygmalion and transformed into a real woman by Aphrodite- Pygmalion married her after she transformed.
  54. Handsome Trojan youth carried off to Olympus by Zeus to be Hebe's successor as cup-bearer to the gods.
  55. Creon's daughter whom Jason planned to marry when he divorced Meda after 10 years of marriage and 2 children- also known as Creusa
  56. Zeus and Hera's beautiful daughter who was cupbearer of the gods until she was replaced by Ganymede
  57. Greek goddess of the moon, the earth, and the underworld who was later considered to br the goddess of black magic, ghosts, and witchcraf- she was accompanied by hellhounds at night when she ruled over the crossroads.
  58. Leader of the Trojan army who was slain by Achilles during the Trojan War and whose body was then dragged 3 times around the walls of the city- son of Priam and Hecuba; husband of Andromache; father of Astyanax
  59. PRiam's second wife, who alledgedly bore him 49 children, including Paris, her oldest, and Hector- she was enslaved by Odysseus at the end of the Trojan WAr.
  60. Beautiful Greek woman born from an egg and considered immortal because Zeus, in the form of a swan, had impregnated her mother- she ran off from Sparta to Troy with Paris, starting the 10-year Trojan war and she has become known as "the face that launched a thousand ships."
    Helen of TRoy
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