bio chapter 16

  1. evolution
    the process by which species change over time.
  2. theory
    a broad explanation that has been scientifically tested & supported.
  3. beginning of modern evolutionary theory
    when Darwin presented evidence that evolution happens & offered an explanation of how evolution happens.
  4. Darwin's experiences provided him w/...
    evidence of evolution at work.
  5. descent with modification
    descendants were modified over time as different groups survived by eating different types of food. this key idea was a key part of his theory.
  6. Darwin's insight on breeders
    breeders take advantage of natural variation in traits within a species.
  7. artificial selection
    selection is done by humans & not by natural causes.
  8. influences of Darwin
    ideas from the fields of natural history, economics, and geology. the ideas of Lamrack, Malthus, Cuvier, & Lyell were especially important.
  9. Lamarck's idea about inheritance
    He proposed, like Darwin, that organisms change over time as they adapt to changing environments. however he had an incorrect idea that changes due to use or disuse of a characteristic would be passed on to offspring.
  10. Thomas Malthus's observations
    population was increasing more then the food supply was increasing linearly- increased by same amount each year.human population was increasing exponentially- more people were added each year than were added then the year before.
  11. Darwin's application of Malthus's observation
    Darwin saw that all kinds of organisms tend to produce more offspring than can survive. So, all populations must be limited by their environments.
  12. geology
    the study of rocks & landforms
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