Chapter 3 (Skin/Blood)

  1. epidermis
    outermost layer of skin comprised of dead or dying cells
  2. sebum
    fatty secretion of the sebaceous glad that helps keep the skin pliable and waterproof
  3. dermis
    true skin. it is the layer of tissue producing the epidermis and housing the blood vessels, and nerves normally associated with the skin
  4. sebaceous gland
    glad within the dermis secretes sebum
  5. sudoriferous glands
    glads within the dermis that secrete sweat
  6. subcutaneous tissue
    body layer beneath the dermis
  7. hematopoietic system
    the body system having to do with the producion and development of blood cells, consisting of the blood marrow, liver, spleen, kidneys and the blood itself.
  8. pluripotent stem cell
    a cell from which the various types of blood cells can form
  9. hematopoiesis
    the process through which pluripotent stem cells differentiate into carious types of blood cells
  10. erythropoietin
    the hormone responsible for red blood cell produciton
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Chapter 3 (Skin/Blood)