At&t Advantages

  1. How many countries does At&t allow you to roam in?
    256, as long as your customer has a quad band phone.
  2. What are rollover minutes?
    Rollover minutes are minutes that you can save from your calling plan for up to 12 months
  3. What is the benefit of having At&t insurance?
    At&t insurance provides a replacement device for a deductible no matter what happens to the phone
  4. True or False
    At&t has the faastest mobile broadband period.
    True, in an indepndant drive test At&t had the fastest network over the other 3 national carriers
  5. At&t allow voice and data when you are in what coverage?
    3g area.
  6. At&t has more smartphones than anyother company can you name the major opersting systems?
    android, ios, Blackberry, web os, symbian, Windows Phone
  7. How many customers does At&t cover nation wide?
    278 million
  8. What 3 windows phones did At&t exclusively launch?
    Surround, Focus, Quantum
  9. What device did at&t launch that was the first device to feature 0s 6 in the world?
    The blackberry Torch
  10. At&t provides tethering on smartphone for how much extra per month?
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At&t Advantages