quiz #1 – inflammation

  1. what is inflammation
    successive changes in living tissue in response to injury, infection, irritants, and disease
  2. what are three signs and symptoms of inflammation
    pain, redness, swelling
  3. how does the body respond to acute inflammation?

    4 physiological responses
    • vascular dilation within 30 min.
    • exudation of fluid into extracellular fluid
    • migration of leukocytes into the area (get rid of old debri)
    • gelation of fibrinogen in intercellular spaces
  4. what four things happen within 3 - 20 days of healing
    • epithelialization to cover wound
    • collagen production to increase strength of covering of wound
    • wound begins to contract
    • neovascularization
  5. how long can the final phase of healing last
    one year
  6. what is a keloid scar
    thick, ropey, scar that raises above the surface of the skin and can contract the skin together.
  7. how long does acute inflammation last
    two weeks
  8. how long does chronic inflammation last
    longer than two weeks
  9. what are some causes of chronic inflammation
    • injurious situation continues
    • autoimmune response – Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis
    • scarring prevention
  10. what modalities can help influence the healing process
    • heat
    • cold
    • pressure
    • electrical current
  11. what medications can influence the healing process
    steroids, NSAID, antibiotics

    steroids – are good to a degree but they have their side effects
  12. what are some is physiological factors that affect healing
    • poor blood supply/good blood supply
    • infection, diabetes, immune status
    • nutrition
  13. define hyperemia
    redness due to increased blood flow to tissue
  14. define chemotaxis
    attraction or repulsion of cells to a released chemical
  15. define diapedesis
    cell squeezing out of a capillary into the extracellular fluid
  16. define exudate
    extracellular fluid in which proteins, cells and cell debris has accumulated

    • Can be many colors – yellow, green, white,
    • if it is green or yellow = infection
  17. define hematoma
    collection of blood in tissue
  18. is infection a normal process
    yes and you do want it to occur because it is the first step in the healing process
  19. is there a problem with prolonged inflammation process
    yes, it's meant to be a short process
  20. are steroids harmful to the inflammation process
    yes because they can stop the adrenal gland and its hormones from secreting the hormones necessary to start the inflammation response
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