1. What equipment is req'd for IFR flight (beyond VFR Basic)
    • Generator or alternator of adequate capacity
    • Rate of turn indicator
    • Altimeter (sensitive)
    • Ball (slip-skid indicator)
    • Compass
    • Attitude indicator
    • Radios 2-way comm and nav appropriate to facilties in use
    • Directional Gyro (H.I.)
  2. What recency of experience is required to file an IFR flight plan?
    • Within the preceding 6 cal mos:
    • 6 approaches
    • Airway intercept and tracking
    • Hold precedures
  3. What items are required for an aircraft to be airworthy for an IFR flight?
    • AROW docs
    • Annual/100hr as req'd
    • 24 month pitot-static and transponder inspection
    • 30 day VOR check -VOT (+-4) Ground VOR (+-4) Desig. Airborne Checkpoint(+-6) Created Airborne check (+-6) Dual VOR (max 4 difference)
    • GPS database update (28 day cycle)
  4. When is an alternate airport req'd to be filed?
    123 rule: From 1 hour before to 1 hour after ETA, if the ceiling is 2000' or more and visibilty is 3 SM or more, an alternate is not req'd.
  5. If an alternate is req'd what minimum weather is necessary at the alternate for it to be legal?
    • At the ETA, if there is a precision approach available: 600' clg and 2sm,
    • If non-precision approach only, 800' clg and 2sm.
    • If no Instr. apprch available, you must be able to descend from the MEA in VFR to use as alternate
    • (Check to be sure the airport is not N/A for alternate use)
  6. What fuel is req'd to fly in IFR to an airport where an alternate is req'd?
    Enought to fly to F.A.I.L. and then to alternate and have 45 min normal cruise fuel remaining.
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