alicoe in wonderland

  1. ALICE: once or twice i peeped into the book my sister was reading, but there were no pictures or conversation in it. And what is the use of a book without pictures or conversation?
    WHITE RABBIT: Oh, dear! i shall be late! Oh the Duchess! the Duchess! Oh won't she be a savage if iv'e kept her waiting.
  2. ALICE: Let me see... that would be 4 thousand miles down, i think.
    WHITE RABBIT: Oh! the duchess the duchess oh won't she be a savage if i've kept her waiting.
  3. ALICE: if you please sir
    WHITE RABBIT: Hmmmmmm? what's that What's that Who's talking Who's talking
  4. ALICE: My name is alice
    WHITE RABBIT: than alice can't be my name can it
  5. ALICE: sir?
    WHITE RABBIT: you have to be who you are and i have to be who i am. if your alice than i'm obviously i'm someone else
  6. ALICE: i think so
    WHITE RABBIT: you think don't you know if your not sure who you are than i could be alice and you could be the whit rabbit
  7. ALICE: i don't feel the least like a white rabbit
    WHITE RABBIT: than perhaps your a welsh rabbit. I'm late
  8. ALICE: i wonder.... could you tell me what this place is called?
    WHITE RABBIT ; i could but i don;t know if i should you seem like a stupid girl and good information is usually wasted on stupid folk.
  9. ALICE: there is no need to be rude
    WHITE RABBIT: there is no need to be polite either. that;s the way things are in wonderland.
  10. ALICE: is that where i am wonderland
    WHITE RABBIT:oh the duchess the duches i'm late i'm late
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