world religion

  1. ahimsa
    nonharm, nonviolence
  2. Ashram
    spiritual community
  3. Atman
    spiritual essence of all individual human beings
  4. Avatar
    Earthly embodiment of a deity
  5. Bhagavad Git
    religious literary work about Krishna
  6. Bhakti
    Devotion to a deity or guru
  7. Bhakti Yoga
    spiritual discipline of devotion to a diety or guru
  8. Brahma
    God of creation
  9. Brahman
    Spiritual essence of the universe
  10. brahmin
    member of the priestly caste
  11. Caste
    one of the major social classes snctioned by Hinduism
  12. Devi
    Goddess, the Divine Feminine, also called the Great Mother
  13. dhyana
  14. durga
    awe-inspiring, distant, a mother-goddess, a form of Devi
  15. guru
    spiritual teacher
  16. Hatha Yoga
    spiritual discipline of postures and bodily exercises
  17. Jnana yoga
    spiritual discipline of knowledge and insight
  18. Kali
    dark, a form of Devi, a goddess associated with destruction and rebirth
  19. karma
    moral law of cause and effect that determines the direction of rebirth
  20. karma yoga
    spiritual discipline of selfless action
  21. krishna
    a god associated with divine playfulness, a form of Vishnu
  22. Kundalini Yoga
    a form of raja yoga that envisions the individual's energy as a force that is capable of being raised from the center of the body to the head, producing a state of joy
  23. Mantra
    a short sacred phrase, often chanted or used in meditation
  24. maya
    illusion, what keeps us from seeing reality correctly; the world viewed inadequately.
  25. moksha
    liberation from personal limitation, egotism and rebirth
  26. monism
    philosophical position that all apparently separate realities are ultimately one, the belief that God and the universe are the same, that the universe is divine
  27. puja
    offerings and ritual in honor of a deity
  28. raja yoga
    the "royal" discipline of meditation
  29. Rama
    a god and mythical king; a form of Vishnu
  30. samadhi
    a state of complete inner peace resulting from meditation
  31. samsara
    everyday world of change and suffering leading to rebirth
  32. sannyasin
    a wandering holy man
  33. Shiva
    a god associated with destruction and rebirth
  34. Trimurti
    Three forms of the divine, the three gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva
  35. Upanishads
    written meditations on the spiritual essence of the universe and the self
  36. Vedas
    Four collections of ancient prayers and rituals
  37. 4 Vedas
    • Rig Veda
    • Sama Veda
    • Yajur Veda
    • Artharva Veda
  38. Rig Veda
    Praise like Psalms
  39. Sama Veda
    readings for chanting
  40. Yajur Veda
    prose text for liturgy
  41. Artharva Veda
    chants, spells and songs
  42. Vishnu
    god associated wit preservation and love
  43. yoga
    spiritual discipline; a method for perfecting one's union with the devine
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