Exercise 17 - Stative Verbs & Vocab.

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  1. שָׁכַל

    "he was bereaved"
  2. שָׁכַב

    "he lay, he slept"
  3. נַּיָּמִים

    "in those days"
  4. כָּבֵד

    "he was heavy"
  5. יִזְקַן

    "he will be old"
  6. זָקֵן

    "he was old"
  7. קֶבֶר

  8. עֲבוֹדָה

    "work, worship, service"
  9. יִצְחָק

  10. יִרְעַב

    "he will be hungry"
  11. רָעַב

    "he was hungry"
  12. מוֹתִי

    "my death"
  13. מוֹת

  14. מָוֶת

    "death of"
  15. יִשְׁכַּב

    "he will lay, he will sleep"
  16. שָׁכַב

    "he lay, he slept"
  17. יִגְדַּל

    "he will be great"
  18. גָדַל

    "he was great"
  19. נָא

    "now i pray thee, please"
  20. יָכׁל

    "he was able"
  21. צִׁוָּה

    "he commanded"
  22. קָבַר

    "he buried"
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