world civ midterm

  1. What is oligarchy?
    A government ruled by a few powerful nobles
  2. What is theocracy?
    The belief in government ruled by divine guidance
  3. What is republic?
    A form of government in which power rests on the citizens
  4. What is monarchy?
    A single person called a king or monarch rules
  5. What is democracy?
    Rule of the people
  6. What is aristocracy?
    A government ruled by a small group of nobles
  7. Give an example of an oligarchy
    Ancient Greece
  8. What form of government do we have here in America?
  9. What is vernacular?
    A person's native language
  10. What is Secular?
    Having worldly rather than spiritual concern. Only cares about here and now
  11. What is a patron?
    Someone who financially supported the artists during the renaissance
  12. What is an indulgence?
    When a person buys themselves out of purgatory
  13. Who left the church of England, and parliament made him the head of the church..
    Henry VIII
  14. Who restored the protestant church in England?
    Elizabeth I
  15. What is the forgetting or 'setting aside' of a persons marriage
  16. Three dimensions on a flat surface
  17. The_______developed from the Roman Christianity
    Roman Catholic Church
  18. A system for controlling the society
  19. Rebirth
  20. What was the Reformation?
    A religious reform movement that began in the 16th century
  21. During the 17th and 18th centuries, an intellectual movement called the_________developed
  22. An agreement among members of society
    Social contract
  23. What is humanism?
    An intellectual movement that focused on human potential an achievements.
  24. Who wrote Utopia
    Thomas More
  25. The most famous writer of the Elizabethan Age
    William Shakespeare
  26. Who developed a printing press that incorporated a number of technologies in a new way?
    Johann Gutenburg
  27. The followers of Luther where called
  28. The term_______was applied to Christians who belonged to non-Catholic churches
  29. The religion based on Calvin's teachings is called__________
  30. A government controlled by religious leaders
  31. Followers of Knox became known as__________
  32. In 1494, an 11-year-old boy named______inherited a kingdom in the area that is now Uzbekistan and Tajikistan
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