1. Integumental
    • skin, hair, nails
    • Protects deeper organs.
    • excretes salts & urea
    • Regulates body temperture
  2. Skeletol
    Bones, cartilages, joints, ligaments

    • supports & Protects,
    • provides levers for muscular system
    • stores minerals VITAMIN D
  3. Muscular
    Muscles attached to skeleton

    • allows motion
    • generates heat
  4. Nervous
    Brain, spinal, nerves

    • detects changes
    • helps maintain short term homeostasis
  5. Endocrine homomes
    glands, pancreas, thyroid, parathyroid

    • promotes growth and development
    • long term homeostasis
  6. Cardiovascular
    heart, blood vessels, blood

    • Transport system
    • protects body w/ blood clots, antibodies, & other protein molecules
  7. Lymphatic immune
    spleen, vessels, lymph nodes, tonsils,

    • cleans out blood
    • picks up fluid from blood vessels
    • houses cells
  8. Respiratory
    nose, lungs, trachea, bronchi, pharynx

    • keeps blood supplied with oxygen while removing carbon dioxide acid base balance
  9. Digestive
    mouth, esphagus, stomach, intestines

    • breaks down undigestive foods
    • undigestive residue leaves body as feces
  10. Urinary
    kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder, urethra

    • rids body of nitrogen containing waste
    • maintains water, electrolyte, and acid base balance of blood
  11. Reproductive
    • male: testes, scrotum, penis, & duct sytem prostate
    • female: ovaries, penis, uterine tubes, vagina

    produces germ cells for the perpetuation of the species

    produces germ cells the female uterus houses a developing fetus until birth
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