Tae Kwan Do (belts)

  1. When was Tae Kwan Do created?
    Tae Kwon Do originated in Korea some 2,000 years ago. It was developed by a group of people to use as self-defense.
  2. What does Tae Kwan Do mean?
    Tae Kwon Do means the art of kicking and punching (Tae meaning to jump or kick with the foot, Kwon meaning to punch or strike with the hand, and Do meaning art, way of life, and moral culture).
  3. What is the % ratio between kicks and punches?
    In Tae Kwon Do kicks are used about 80% of the time and punches the remaining 20%.
  4. What does the WHITE BELT represent?
    White light gives the appearance of purity and brilliance, but when directed through a prism we can see that is composed of all the colors of the spectrum. So it is that the beginner whose vision is pure and pristine, when it is directed through the prism of training with sincerity and dedication, we can see that his or her essence is potential. He or she is the seed hidden beneath the winter’s snow.
  5. What is WHITE BELT in Korean?
    White belt

    Hween dee
  6. What does the YELLOW BELT represent?
    Yellow signifies the first beam of sunlight, which shines upon the seed giving it newstrength with the beginning of a new life. A yellow belt indicates that the person isbeginning to understand the basic techniques, similar to a plant growing it’s roots.
  7. What is YELLOW BELT in Korean?
    Yellow belt

    No rang dee
  8. What does the ORANGE BELT represent?
    Orange indicates the warmth of spring’s sun that melts the winter’s snow and allowsThe seed to germinate. This is the birth of conscious and purposive action.
  9. What is ORANGE BELT in Korean?
    Orange belt

    Keul Sak Dee
  10. What does the GREEN BELT represent?
    Green is the color of the sprout and represents the spring when growth and activity abound.
  11. What is GREEN BELT in Korean?
    Green Belt

    Cho roke dee
  12. What does the BLUE BELT represent?
    Blue indicates that a student is reaching higher like a plant that is growing toward the sky.
  13. What is BLUE BELT in Korean?
    Blue belt

    Pa rang dee
  14. What does the BROWN BELT represent?
    Brown is the color of fall and the time of maturing.
  15. What is BROWN BELT in Korean?
    Brown Belt

    Gal sak dee
  16. What does RED BELT represent?
    Red is the color of the summer sun that swelters with the intensity of the flowering arts.
  17. What is RED BELT in Korean?
    Red Belt

    Bal gang dee
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