Policy and procedure

  1. What are acceptable forms of ID to start service with At&t?

    A) Drivers License, US Passport, State ID Alien registration card or Military ID
  2. True or False
    An authorized user on an account who is under 18 can upgrade an account?
    False, the customer must be 18 to sign a contract
  3. When a customer activates service and is not satisfied returns the equipment how do we assist in canceling their service?

    C) call customer care with the customer in the store so car can speak to the customer and verify they are canceling service.
  4. If a customer is eligable for an upgrade and wants to transfer the service to a different user what is the proper way to help with this.

    A) explain that the number will not be eligeable for an upgrade for 60 after the transfer of service; if the account hilder is there upgrade than advise them to transfer the service
  5. If a customer returns equipment after upgrading in your store what is the next step to ensure the customer is able to upgrade at a later date?

    B) call the Halifax no install team and leave a message
  6. Which of the following are authorized users not allowed to preform?

    B) only account holders are allowesd to request a reprint of their bill
  7. How do customers with a discount for where they work get their discount applied?

  8. What is the best way to check coverage for At&t?

    B) coverageviewer is an accurate way to determine coverage
  9. True or False
    A customer comes in to your store and wants to upgrade his wifes phone, he is not listed on the account but has the last 4 of her social. He can upgrade the phone.
    False. If the customer is not an authorized user we can not help.
  10. How do you change a customer from a prepaid to a postpaid account?

    D) use PDC2 and click the change account link
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Policy and procedure
Policy and Procedure