GI review (basics)

  1. name the type of bone that teeth insert into
    alveolar bone
  2. innervation of the muscles of mastication
    • trigeminal (v)
    • facial (vii)
  3. name the muscles of mastication
    • masseter
    • pterygoid muscles
    • buccinator
    • orbicularis ori
    • temporalis
  4. define the vermillion border
    the junction at the lips of non-cornified stratified squamous epithelium of the inside of the mouth with skin
  5. number of 'milk teeth'
  6. number of permanent teeth
  7. describe angular stomatitis
    nutritional deficiency (esp. B vitamins and iron) causes fissures at the edge of the mouth
  8. name the salivary glands
    • parotid
    • submandibular
    • sublingual
  9. innervation of the salivary glands
    secretomotor parasympathetic from the salivary nuclei in the brain stem (facial - vii and glossopharyngeal - ix)

    sympathetic nerves - from the cervical sympathetic chain
  10. salivary secretion is under ____ control
  11. xerostomia
    dry mouth
  12. composition of saliva
    • water
    • mucins
    • alpha-amylase
    • antibacterial enzymes
    • immunoglobulins

    (hypotonic, alkaline fluid rich in calcium and phosphate)
  13. causes of xerostomia
    • anticholinergic drugs (most common)
    • Sjogren's syndrome
    • sarcoidosis
  14. mumps virus preferentially attacks...
    • salivary glands
    • pancreas
    • ovaries
    • testicles
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