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  1. Which is not a current messaging package?

    B) Unlimited messaging for $20
  2. What plan does not qualify for a fan discount?

    A) Unlimited nation plan
  3. Which phone has a super AMOLED display?

    B) Samsung Captivate
  4. Which is the only plan that does not include unlimited nights and weekends?

    A) Nation 450 plan
  5. What is the name of the feature that you can track a family member?

    D) Family Map
  6. Which is not a current go phone plan?

    B) $1 a day for unlimited text
  7. How much for unlimited data cost on a QMD device if unlimited text is on that line?

    D) $10
  8. Which device has live tiles on the main screen?

    B) Samsng Surround
  9. Select the two current data plans offer to new customers for Smartphone?
    a) $15 for 200MB
    b) $30 Unlimited data
    c) $25 for 2GB
    d) $20 for 1GB
    a and c
  10. True or False. At&t is the only carrier to offer rollover?
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