1. AT&T and the Android Marketplace offer more than _____ apps to customers:

    B) 210,000
  2. AT&T and the Android Marketplace offer customers many ways to pay for their apps. Check all that apply:
    a) PayPal
    b) Carrier Billing
    c) Cash
    d) Major Credit Card
    • a) PayPal
    • b) Carrier Billing
    • d) Major Credit Card
  3. AT&T does not allow “side-loading” of apps. Why is this?

    B) There are many risks with Apps not downloaded through the official Android Marketplace, including spyware, viruses and other malware.
  4. The web browser on an Android device is:

    B) Offers a PC-like web browsing experience
  5. True or False
    Android OS allows the user to place any app icon or widget anywhere you’d like.
    a) TRUE
    b) FALSE
    a) True
  6. AT&T and Android OS offer users a true multi-tasking experience. This includes:

    E) all of the above
  7. True ir False:
    Android OS supports most major audio, video and image formats.
    a) TRUE
    b) FALSE
    A) True
  8. A “widget” in Android OS is:

    A) A small program that runs on the home screen that allows the user to get information quickly.
  9. Android OS offers users the highest percentage of applications for free. Approximately what percentage of the Android Marketplace apps are free?

    D) 60%
  10. Google offers Android OS app developers _________, which gives the consumer ______.

    D) An open SDK (software development kit); more apps from which to choose.
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