1. At&t's Voice and Data network cover What Percentage of Americans?

    B) 97%
  2. At&t uses what 2 radio frequencies?

    C) 850 mhz & 1900mhz
  3. True or False: At&t customers with WiFi enabled devices are able to access At&t WIFI hotspots without using data from their data plan.
    True! At&t has over 22000 hot spots nationwide!
  4. With all of the great apps and content available for mobile devices how can you track your data useage from your mobile device?

    C) B and C
  5. True or False:
    Only At&t allows customers to talk and browse the web at the same time.
    False! T-Mobile customers who have 3/4g capable devices are able to talk and browse.
  6. True or False:
    Only At&T has commited to using two seperate technologies HSPA+ and LTE to provide the fastest and most consistent 4G experience.
  7. Which of At&t's frequencies allow for the best in building penetration?

    A) 850mhz
  8. Which technology does At&t use to provide data services in remote areas that are not as populated as many cities?

    C) Edge is available in areas that 3G is not.
  9. How many customers does At&t have on its network?

    A) over 90 million
  10. At&t will introduce how many new 4g devices this year?

    C) 20
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