Pharm 1

  1. secretion is influenced by the anterior pituitary gland
  2. examples of androgens
    testosterone, fluoxymesterone, methyltestosterone
  3. stimulates the growth in size of the accessory sex organs
  4. prmote tissue building
  5. can androgen be administered to both men adn women? what for?
    yes, and to increase sense of well being and sex drive
  6. andrgen replacement therapy is given to men for what reasons?
    testosterone deficiency, hypogonadism, delayed puberty
  7. androgens are administered to women for what reason?
    postmenopausal (1-5) yrs, metastatic breast carcinoma, premenopausal, hormone dependent, removal of ovaries may require the need for tertosterone as well as estrogen
  8. side effect of androgens? male and female
    • in males: gynecomastia, testicular atrophy, enlargment of the penis, erectile dysfunction
    • in females: amenorrhea, virilization
  9. synthetic drugs chemically related to androgens
    anabolic steriods
  10. anabolic steriods function?
    promote tissue growth, but have minimal effects on sex characteristics
  11. ex of anabolic steriods
    nandrolone and oxymetholone
  12. management of anemia and renal insufficiency, controls metastic breast cancer and promotes wight gain such as after surgery, HIV or infections
    anabolic steriods
  13. adverse reactions of anabolic steriods? males and females
    • males: gynecomastia. testicular atrophy, sexual dysfunction
    • females: virilization, ammenorhea
  14. virilization is what?
    when females develops male sex characteristics
  15. anabolic steriods and do psyiological changes how?
    roid rage, suicidal tendencies, personality changes
  16. what should the nurse watch for while on anabolic steriods and androgens?
    weight, adverse affects, electrolyte imbalance
  17. synthetic compound drugs which inhibit the conversion of testosterone into DHT
    androgen hormone inhibitor
  18. what gland is dependent on DHT for development?
  19. examples of DHT
    finasteride, dutasteride
  20. what is androgen hormone inhibitor used to treat
    male pattern bladness, symptoms of BPH
  21. adverse effects of AHI?
    impotence, decreased libido and ejaculate
  22. when administering these hormones how should pellet be placed and how often?
    under the skin and 3-6 mo
  23. how should oral hormones be given?
    with or before meals to decrease GI upset
  24. on transdermal what are the sites?
    ABD,thight, back or upper arm
  25. What are some drugs to treat erectile dysfunction?
    Viagra, Cialis, Levitra
  26. how should viagra be taken?
    30 min - 4hrs before sexual activity
  27. how should cialis be taken?
    36 hrs before sexual activity
  28. how should levitra be taken?
    1 hr before sexual activity
  29. what hsould a nurse look for if a male is being put on erectile dysfunction medication?
    cardiac problems esp if they are hypotension medication
  30. female hormones are produced by what?
    anterior pituitary gland
  31. natural and synthetic progesterones are called what?
  32. examples of progesterones?
    medroxprogesterone and norethindrone
  33. what is estrogen secreted by?
    ovarian follicle and in smaller amount by the adrenal cortex
  34. what restores the endometrium after menstruation?
  35. what stimulatesthe fallopian tube contractions to promote the movement of the ovum?
  36. what thins cervical muscus/
  37. what does estrogen alter?
    mineral, carbs, protein and lipid metabolism
  38. what is something estrogen does?
    contributes to the conservation of calcium and phosporus which decreases osteoporosis
  39. what suppresses androgen production
  40. this hormone decreases LDL and increases HDL
  41. if estrogen is used with progesterone is is used for what?
    a contraceptive agent
  42. what treatments are estrogen used for?
    decreased menopausal symptoms (hot flases, sweating), female hypogonadism, atrophic vaginitis, prevent osteoporosis, acne in adults, pallitive treatment of advanced protastic cancer
  43. estrogen can also be administered to treat?
    premenopausal females after an oopherectomy, primary ovarian failure, uterine bleeding due to hormonal imbalance
  44. the use of progesterone decreases the risk of what cancer?
  45. adverse reactions of estrogen?
    HA, dizzy, depression, n/v, bloating, cramps, dysmenorrhea, pms, amenorrhea, dermatitis, cholasma, melasma, pain at site, red or irritation
  46. other changes in women from estrogen reactions?
    change in libido, breast pain, enlargment, PE, venous thromboembolism, weight gain or loss
  47. warning associated with estrogen use?
    endometrial CA, gallbladder disease, HTN, CV disease, thromboembolic disease, hypercalcemia
  48. is there is to little estrogen administered what will happen?
    endometrium will bleed 48-72 hrs
  49. is to much estrogen is given what is to happen?
    n/v/d, bloating, dysmenorrhea, melasma, HTN, migraine, breast tenderness, edema
  50. administration routes of estrogen?
    PO, IM, IV, transdermal, vaginally
  51. secreted by the corpus lutem, placenta and in small amount adrenal cortex
  52. actions of progestins?
    readys the endometrium for implantation of a fertilized ova, necessary for placenta development, inhibits pituitary gonadotropins which cause maturation of the ovarian follicle and ovulation
  53. uses of progestins?
    amenorrhea, endometriosis, uterine bleeding
  54. examples of progesterone?
    crinone, noredthindrone, medroxyprogesterone
  55. adverse reaction of progesterone?
    bleeding, spotting, change in menstrul flow, amenorrhea, breast tenderness, edema, weight changes, acne, cholasma, insomnia, mental depression
  56. 3 types of contraceptive hormones
    monphasic, bi and triphasic
  57. fixed does of estrogen and progestin thoughout cycle
  58. deliver hormones similart to the levels naturally produced by the body
    bi and triphasic
  59. benefits of contraceptives?
    regulates cycle, dysmenorrhea, decreased incidence of iron deficiency, decrease fibrocystic breast disease, decrease risk of cancer, reduce acne of women 15 and older
  60. what does smoking increase the risk for on hormones?
    arterial, venous thromboembolism, mi and stroke
  61. example of monophasic?
    yaz, ortho novum 1/50, ortho-cyclen
  62. examples or biphasic?
    sesonique, otho-novum 1/11
  63. examples of triphasic?
    ortho tri-cyclen, ortho-novum 7/7/7, tripasil
  64. CV risk increased during what hormone therapy? and why?
    estrogen bc of cigarettes?
  65. when takin plan b what should be a requirement for calling the doctor?
    vomiting with in 1 hour after does...dose should be taken with first 72 hrs then 12 hrs after initial dose
  66. when should estrogen be stopped for what procedures?
    4 weeks and ones associated iwht prolonged immobilization
  67. nursing considerations for immediate report?
    numbness, leg stiffness, chest pain, dark urine, yellow skin or sclera, light colored stool, sudden abd pain, pregnancy, bleeding that doesnt stop or discharge
  68. estradiol?
    endogenous estrogen
  69. estrone?
    endogenous estrogen
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