Path- lymph n immune conditions

  1. What moves lymph along?
    Gravity, muscle contraction,alternating hot n cold, deep breathing, and massage
  2. Primary function of the immune system
    It is to distinguish what is self and what is non self and to eradicate anything that is non self as quickly as possible
  3. What is Edema?
    Accumulation of fluid between cells
  4. When is edema generally noticeable?
    When interstitial fluid is about 30% above normal
  5. What is a mechanical factor of edema?
    When it is associated with weakened heart or an obstruction to venous or lymphatic return
  6. What is a chemical factor of edema?
    Have to do with accumulation of salts or proteins in the interstitial fluid, which causes the are to retain water
  7. Signs and symtoms of edema
    • tissue is soft, puffy, boggy.
    • area may be hot if related to a recent injury or infection, or cool if the edema is long-standing and related to poor circulation
  8. Pitting edema occurs when?
    When blood or lymphatic movement is chronically impaired
  9. Can u massage someone w/ edema?
    • Pitting edema is a contraindication
    • Bodywork that is specifically designed to work w/ lymphatic flow can sometimes be used as long as the therapist is fully trained and knows how to avoid infection
  10. Edemas that contraindicate
    • Heart problems
    • Kideny problems
    • liver problems
    • local infection
    • blockage
  11. Edema that indicate massage
    if a client has fluid retention related to a subacute musculoskeletal injury
  12. What is Lymphangitis?
    Is an infection w/ inflammation in the lymphangions, or lymphatic capillaries
  13. Who gets Lymphangitis?
    people w/ depressed immunity and/or poor circulation
  14. What happens in lymphangitis?
    The lymph capillaries become infected with Streptococcus pyogenes
  15. Signs and symptoms of Lymphangitis?
    • Pain,heat, redness, and swelling
    • The infected lymph vessel often shows a visible scarlet track running proximally from the portal of entry
  16. Lympangitis can be treated sucessfully with...
    Antibiotic treatment
  17. Can u massage someone with lymphangitis?
    It is contraindicated also if the therapist is infected he/she can not massage
  18. Any type of cancer of the lymph nodes?
  19. Lymphoma involves a nutation of what?
    Of the DNA in specific WBCs
  20. Lymphoma usually starts where?
    In the lymph tissue, but they can involve bone marrow cells as well
  21. Primary sign of lymphoma
    It is painless, nontender swelling of lymph nodes, especially in the neck, axilla, and inguinal area
  22. Signs and symptoms of lymphoma
    • Anemia, fatigue, weight loss, night sweats, itchy skin, and loss of appetite
    • In later stages, easy bruising and skin discoloration as platelet numbers drop, along with decreased resistance to sold, flu, and other infections
  23. What kind of treatment is offered for lymphoma?
    Chemotherapy and radiation
  24. Can u massage someone with lymphoma?
    Supportive as long as part of a health care team and matched to client's activity levels and resilience
  25. Is a collection of signs and symptoms that affect multiple systems in the body
    Chronic fatigue syndrome
  26. People w/ CFS have low levels of _____
    Stress hormones- cortisols
  27. Unrelenting fatigue must persist for how long in order to be diagnosed w/ CFS
    6 months
  28. Most consistent CFS symptoms
    • poor memory and concentration
    • significant postexertional pain
  29. How do u treat CFS
    • Avoid stress and stimulants
    • exercise consistently and gently
  30. Can u massage someone with CFS
    Massage stimulates the parasympathetic response, cleanses tissues, and stimulates circulation when exercise may be to much to handle; it can relieve muscle and joint pain and it can improve sleep
  31. Condition that attacks and disables the immune system
  32. How does HIV enter the body
    blood, semen, vaginal secretions and breast milk
  33. This phase in HIV/AIDS is considered to be the incubation stage and can last a yr or more
    Phase 1
  34. This phase in HIV/AIDS is when antibodies are detectable in blood tests
    Phase 2
  35. This phase in HIV/AIDS there are no signs or symptoms but the virus is continuing to replicate while decimating immune system cells
    Phase 3
  36. In this phase of HIV/AIDS signs and symptoms becom apparent and eventually debilitating
    Phase 4
  37. Can u massage someone w/ HIV/AIDS
    All stages indicate massage as long as the practitioner is healthy and doesn't pose any risk to the client, and the client is able to keep up with the changes that massage brings about to the body
  38. An autoimmune disease in which various types of tissues are attacked by the body's own antibodies
  39. What are the 4 varieties of lupus
    • Drug induced
    • neonatal
    • Discoid lupus erythrematosus -a chronic skin disease
    • Systemic lupus erythrematosus
  40. When antibodies attack against a variety of tissies throughout the body
    Systemic lupus erythematosus
  41. Lupus affects the integumentary system how?
    characteristic butterfly or discoid rash and it may be exacerbated by sunlight
  42. Lupus affects the musculoskeletal system how?
    joint pain usually occurs @ the hand and feet, seldom in the spine
  43. Lupus affects the nervous system how?
    can range from extreme headaches to psychosis to high fever or seizures
  44. Lupus affects the cardiovascular system how?
    can lead to inflammation and damage of major blood vessels
  45. Lupus affects the respiratory sytsem how?
    Pleurisy, inflammation and fluid accumulation in the serous membrane that lines the lungs
  46. Lupus affects the urinary system how?
    tissue damage in the kidneys leads to a specific type of glomerulonephritis
  47. Lupus affects the reproductive system how?
    clotting disorder asscoiated with lupus can make it difficult to carry baby to term
  48. Treatments for lupus?
    Steroidal anti-inflammatory, antimalarial drugs, and cytotoxic drugs
  49. Can u massage someone with lupus?
    • When in the acute stage, circulatory massage may exacerbate symptoms, while energetic and reflexive techniques may be supportive.
    • When in remission, bodywork of any kind can help to reduce pain and anxiety and to help maintain flexibilty
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