1. affective
    relatingto, arising from, or influencing feelings or emotions
  2. etiology
    study of causes or origins; a reason for something to happen (usually pertaining to diseases)
  3. cognitive
    application of critical thinking. Problem solving and creative thinking.
  4. independent
    nurse can carry out action without direct orders from a physician. Example: Nurse can teach a patient or family about a medication or procedure
  5. collaborative
    nurses and other health care worker providing patient care together. We have collaborative diagnosis which is used primarily to monitor and prevent complications
  6. inductive
    the act of causing or bringing on or about. Inference of a generalized conclusion from particular instances
  7. critical pathway
    multidisciplinary treatment plan that outlines the treatment or interventions a client needs to have while they are in a healthcare setting for a specific disease or condition
  8. inferences
    your judgment or interpretation of cues
  9. cues
    signal that indicates a possible need/direction for care
  10. manifestation
    an indication of the existence, reality, or presence of something
  11. decision making
    critical thinking which comes about by utilizing the nursing process
  12. objective
    observations or measurements of a client's health status
  13. patient centered care
    activities specifically provided for that individual
  14. dependent
    nurse gets direct orders (interventions) from the physician
  15. patient safety goals
    preventing physical, psychological, emothional problems for patient and or family
  16. diagnostic reasoning
    a process of determining a client's health status after you assign meaning to the behaviors, physical signs and symptoms presented by the client
  17. psychomotor
    integration of cognitive and motor activities
  18. dynamic
    continuous change, activity, or progress
  19. subjective
    data that your client verbally describes about their health. difficult to measure
  20. 5 steps of the nursing process
    • ADPIE
    • assessment
    • diagnosis- analysis, problem/needs id
    • planning
    • implementation
    • evaluation
  21. NANDA
    North American Nursing Diagnosis Association
  22. Assessing
    • continuous process carried out during all phases of process
    • sources of data
    • health history
    • physical assess
    • consultation
    • types of data
    • objective & subjective
    • primary & secondary
  23. nursing process
    systematic, rational method of planning and providing individualized nursing care
  24. cue
    directly observed by nurse
  25. inferences
    nurse's conclusions
  26. deductive reasoning
    reasoning from the general to the particular
  27. inductive reasoning
    reasong from the particular to the general
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