Computer apps.

  1. MS Windows XP
    an operating system that helps the user to run computer application and to manipulate files and folders on the various computer storage devices
  2. My Computer
    helps user work with different disk drives and printers on your computer
  3. Network Neighborhood
    work with different disk drives and printers on a network
  4. Outlook
    an electronic mail program
  5. Recycle Bin
    icon used to delete and restore files
  6. Internet Explorer
    a program you use to access the Internet
  7. My Documenys folder
    folder used to store programs, documents, graphics, or other files
  8. Taskbar
    area of at bottom of window used to start programs and switch among open programs
  9. Start Button
    button used to start programs, open documents, find a file and more
  10. Quick launch toolbar
    used to start internet explorer, start outlook express, show the desktop, and view channels
  11. MS Word 2000
    is a computer word processing program that helps the user to create and edit text documents
  12. Format
    to enhance the appearance of a document but not the content
  13. Standard Toolbar
    toolbar that contains buttons for frequently used formatting commands
  14. Formatting toolbar
    toolbar that contains buttons for frequently used formatting commands
  15. Ruler
    used to measure the body of the document in inches (can be changed to other units)
  16. Scroll Box
    used to display other parts of the document (also shows approximate position in the document)
  17. View Buttons
    used to display documents in different ways
  18. Page number indicator
    indicates the current page and the total # of pages in the document
  19. Navigation buttons
    use to move through the document one or more pages at a time
  20. Status Bar
    Displays the information about the current document
  21. MS Excel 2000
    is a computer spreadsheet program that helps the used to create a worksheet which is an electronic spreadsheet consisting of rows and columns that is used for performing numeric calculations
  22. Name Box
    displays the name or reference of the currently selected cell
  23. Formula Bar
    the place in a worksheet where you enter or edit the formulas of a selected cell
  24. Column Headers
    the text label for an Excel spreadsheet coumn; the label is given in letters
  25. Row Headers
    text label for an Excel spreadsheet row and its given in numbers
  26. Sheet Tab
    displays the name of a worksheet in the workbook
  27. Worksheet Window
    the area in the Excel program window which contains worksheet data
  28. Function
    a prewritten formula that you can use instead of typing a function from scratch
  29. Argument
    a value, cell reference, or text used in a function. Commas separate arguments and parentheses enclose them
  30. Auto fit
    a feature that automatically resizes a Excel worksheet column so that it is slightly wider that the longest item in the column
  31. MS Access 2000
    is a computer database program that helps the user to create a database, which is a collection of information organized in tables and stored electronically in a file
  32. Absolute cell reference
    in Excel, a cell reference that does not change when copied to a new location
  33. Relative cell reference
    in Excel a cell reference that changes when copied to a new location
  34. Menu Bar
    set of menus available in a program for the tasks you need to perform; changes depending on the active window
  35. Primary Key
    a database field for which each record is unique in a table
  36. Field Name
    the label that is given to a database field
  37. Data Type
    determines the kind of data a database field contains, such as text, dates, or numbers
  38. Description
    area in data base design view that may be used to describe a field
  39. Field Properties
    settings and characteristics that determines the way the data is stored
  40. Table
    a collection of related records in Access
  41. Design Toolbar
    toolbar that is available in Design view in Access database
  42. Status Bar
    appears at the bottom of the program window and displays info. such as the current page, or record number
  43. Field Properties pane
    a tabbed pane that provides complete information about the currently selected field
  44. MS Powerpoint 2000
    is a computer presentation program that helps the user to create presentations graphics such as on-screen slide shows, 35 mm slides, and other commonly used business presentation materials
  45. Placeholder
    a line of text in a Power Point document template used to reserve a space for text that the user may insert into a slide
  46. Outline Pane
    the box to the left of the Powerpoint project
  47. Drawing toolbar
    toolbar in Powerpoint that allows us to create vector graphics and make a variety of adjustments to an images properties
  48. Notes pane
    View in PowerPoint that displays a slide and a designated area for typing speaker's notes
  49. Slide Pane
    displays text and graphics of a presentation in WYSWYG (what you see is what you get) format
  50. Artificial Intelligence
    the capacity of a computer to perform operations analogous to learning and decision making in humans
  51. Electron Commerce
    consists of the buying and selling or services over electronic systems such as the Internet
  52. Simulations
    imitation or enactment, as of something anticipated or in testing
  53. Virtual Reality
    a realistic simulation of an environment, including three-dimensional graphics, by a computer system
  54. Computer Crime
    unauthorized use of a computer for personal gain, as in the illegal transfer of funds to alter the data or property of others
  55. Computer Fraud
    computer related crime involving deliberate misrepresentation or alteration of data in order to obtain something of value
  56. Hacking
    the process of breaking into computers, usually by gaining access to adminstrative controls
  57. Software Piracy
    the copyright infringement of software refers to several practices which involve the unauthorized copying of computer software
  58. Identity Theft
    the fraudulent appropiation and use of someone's identity or personal data or documents as a credit card
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