1. What are Systematics
    The study of evolutionary relationships
  2. Phylogeny ?
    A hypotheseis about patterns of relationships among species
  3. Taxonomy ?
    Taxonomy is the science of classifying living things
  4. Cladogram?
    A tree of species that Darwain thought descended from a single ancestor ( Branches ) descent with modification.
  5. Convegent evolution
    • Use similar habitats
    • Similar enviornmental relationships
  6. Bacteria do what?
    Extract nitrogen from air and recylce carbon and sulfur , perform most of the worlds photosynthesis
  7. Archea Charecteristics?
    • Cell walls lack peptidoglycan
    • Membrane lipids are branched
    • Distinct rRNA sequences
  8. What are the 3 types of Archea
    • Methnogens Use H2 to reduce CO-2 to CH-4
    • Extremophiles Types
    • Thermophiles
    • Coldadjusted
    • Halophiles-High salt
    • acidophiles- Low ph
    • Pressure tolerant
  9. Mitochondria and cholroplasts?
    • Mito- derived from purple non-sulfur bacteria
    • chloroplasts from cyanobacteria

    Probably got in though endosymbiosis
  10. Key Eukaryotic Charecteristics
    • Cmpartmentalization- Allows for increased subcellular specialization
    • Multicellularity - Allow for differntiation of cells into tissue
    • sexual repro- meiosis
  11. Prokaryotic features
    • Most are single celled- some can form complex biofilms
    • have circular double stranded dna 0 found in nucleiod
    • Have flagella spin like propellers

    Divide by binary fission
  12. Prokaryotic shapes
    • Bacillus
    • Coocus
    • Spirillium
  13. Cell divison in PRks is thru
    Binary fission
  14. In PRKs genetic recombination is thru
    Horizontal gene transfer
  15. difference in plasma membranes in BacT and Arch's
    In Bact = Fatty acids ester linked to glycerol= Unbranched

    In Arche-- Ether linked to glycerol -- can be branched
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