ch 18 wk 2 compromised pt

  1. how many weeks is normal pregnancy?
    40 wks
  2. premature birth is prior to ___ wks
  3. T/F a pregnant woman is considered medically compromised
  4. T/F a pregnant woman needs special considerations during dental treatment
    you bet she does!
  5. when all organ systems are formed, this is called:
  6. T/F an embryo is highly susceptible to injuries and malformations during organogenesis
  7. at which week does the fetus move and swallow?
    12th week
  8. At which trimester(s) does:
    Organ formation is complete and
    Growth and maturation continues
    2nd and 3rd trimester
  9. On the 4th to 7th week, ______ form
  10. During the 5th to 6th week ______ ______ develop
    tooth buds
  11. The 8th to 12th week is when the _______ forms
  12. the first ultrasound can detect what two things?
    • cleft lip - 8th week
    • cleft palate - 12th week
  13. The 4th to 5th month is _________ _________
    initial mineralization
  14. an infant can result in low birth weight, premature, or higher risk for caries if the mother has an _______ or maternal ________
    • infection
    • maternal periodontitis
  15. infectious diseases a mother can have and pass on to her infant are ______, _______, ________, and ________
    • HIV
    • Varicella
    • Herpes
    • Hep B
  16. T/F nearly all drugs can cross the placental barrier
  17. the first 14 weeks is at risk for ________
  18. when a fetus lacks of oxygen, mental disabilities result. this is known as: _______ _______. what type of depressant is it?
    • fetal hypoxia
    • respiratory depressant
  19. at what month of gestation can tetracycline staining occur?
    4th month
  20. T/F tetracycline can cause bone growth inhibition
  21. Tetracycline can cause the ___th cranial nerve damage
  22. toxic action on ear- ear malformations (deaf) can result from the mother taking ________
  23. when is it best for HIV therapy if necessary?
    after 14th week
  24. Alcohol abuse during pregnancy can lead to:
    • fetal alcohol syndrome
    • low birth weight
  25. cocaine use during pregnancy can lead to _______
  26. Minimum dosages
    No fetal abnormalties shown
    2nd trimester optimal time to use anes
    this is:
    local anesthetics B,C
  27. Acetaminophen: drug of choice (Tylenol, Suddafed)
    Aspirin: avoid in 3rd trimester-risk of miscarriage
    Difficulties w/prolonged use
    these are catagorized as:
    Analgesics B, C/D
  28. radiation is controversial but should be avoided during the ______ trimester
  29. Is radiation sometimes necessary to benefit a pregnant pt?
    yes, the benefit far outweighs the risk!
  30. the risk of fetal defect from radiographs is __ in ____ billion!
    9 in 1 billion!
  31. what is the maximum amount needed for taking the xrays of a pregnant woman?
    1,000 FMR series need to be taken for radiation to take effect
  32. Fetal dose of 2 PA’s is 700x less than 1 day average exposure to natural background radiation in the US
    just a little FYI!
  33. name 5 ways to reduce the risk of radiation
    • Rectangular collimation
    • E-speed film or digital
    • Front and back lead shield w/thyroid collar
    • High kV
    • Ongoing quality assurance program
  34. what trimesters are the safest for N2O to be used?
    2nd and 3rd trimester
  35. during pregnancy, what is the max time for nitrous administration recommended?
    no more than 30 minutes
  36. the oxygen when using nitrous must be set at ___% the whole time!
  37. avoid _____ and _____ exposure to nitrous with a pregnant woman
    repeated and prolonged
  38. exposure of nitrous of a woman 3 hours per week can increase the chance of decreased _______ and increased rate of _______
    • fertility
    • miscarriage
  39. name four oral findings of a pregnant woman
    • Pregnancy Gingivitis-bleed, tender
    • Gingival Enlargement-pyogenic granuloma
    • Enamel erosion
    • Dental Caries
  40. what is the most common oral complication in pregnancy?
    pregnancy gingivitis
  41. why is pregnancy gingivitis common?
    it makes the pt want to gag to brush or vomit
  42. poor oral hygiene leaves ______ on teeth
  43. changes in hormones may alter _______ reactions
  44. what leads into “pregnancy tumors” or pyogenic granuloma?
    pregnancy gingivitis
  45. what is a pyogenic granuloma? does it go away with proper oral hygiene?
    • overgrowth of tissue
    • yes!
  46. where does a pyogenic granuloma usually occur?
    in the labial aspects of the interdental papilla
  47. what is also known as a benign inflammatory lesion?
    pyogenic granuloma
  48. Eat small noncariogenic food throughout the day
    Use a sodium bicarbonate rinse
    Chew sugarless gum containing xylitol-helps remineralize
    Use low abrasive toothpaste/no toothpaste
    Rinse mouth with water
    these tips will help prevent _______
  49. enamel erosion can be caused by: _______________________ on _______ surfaces of teeth. _________ and acid ______ occur
    • morning sickness with vomiting.
    • Palatal surfaces of teeth
    • Demineralization and acid erosion
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