World Religion

  1. native spirituality: assimilate?
    to absorb one culture into another
  2. native spirituality: elders?
    most respected, wise, experienced
  3. native spirituality: indigenous?
    natives to a certain place; earlist inhabitants
  4. native spirituality: shaman?
    spiritual leader
  5. native spirituality: creator?
    God; creator of everything; everything is to appreciate his work and his gifts
  6. native spirituality: trickster?
    misery and suffering
  7. native spirituality: drums?
    represent the heartbeat of a nation
  8. native spirituality: pow-wow?
    dance of renewal; healing of creation
  9. native spirituality: sundance?
    when a warriors vision quest showed him a new way to praise the Great Spirit
  10. native spirituality: vision quest?
    intense solitary spiritual experience; for those seeking direction in life
  11. native spirituality: animism?
    seeing everything as having a soul
  12. native spirituality: smudging ceremony?
    purification ritual; burning sweet grass and drawing smoke
  13. judaism: covenant?
    an agreement; promise between two parties
  14. judaism: messiah?
    the annointed one
  15. judaism: secular jew?
    non religious jew
  16. judaism: shabbat?
    the Sabbath
  17. judaism: talmud?
    the written compilation of the oral Torah
  18. judaism: Tanakh?
    jews sacred writing
  19. judaism: rosh hashanuh?
    jewish new year
  20. christianity: evangelist?
    a writer of a gospel on the new testament
  21. christianity: schism?
    seperation of two churches based on a dispute over beliefs
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