Poetic Devices

  1. Simile- eg. As big as a bus.
    A comparison between two different things using "like", "than" or "as".
  2. Alliteration- eg. Rabbits run over roses.
    When a number of words in a row have the same starting letter or sound.
  3. Personification- eg. My computer hates me.
    When objects are given human characteristics.
  4. Metaphor- eg. The water is glass.
    • A comparison between two different things without using "like", "than" or "as".
  5. Hyperbole- eg. I could sleep for a year.
    Using exaggeration for emphasis and effect.
  6. Assonance- eg.I lie down by the side of my bride.
    The repitition of vowel sounds that are close to each other to create rhyming.
  7. Onomatopoeia- eg. Plop, plop went the rain.
    Words such as buzz or murmur to represent the sounds of an object or action.
  8. Consonanace- eg. First and last or odds and ends.
    The repetition of final consonant sounds.
  9. Imagery- eg. Grandma's hugs burn my skin.
    Forming mental images of things or events with adjectives.
  10. Rhyme- eg. I saw a cat who wore a hat.
    Words that have the same ending sound.
  11. Allusion- eg. "... as weak as Herkules' ankle."
    A reference to a person, place, or event.
  12. Irony- eg. The swimmer drowned.
    The use of words to express different from their literal meaning.
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