To Kill A Mockingbird

  1. In TKAM, who is Scout?
    Scout is the daughter of Atticus, sister to Jem, friend to Dill, and also the narrator of the story. She is known to get into fights a lot, and sometimes doesn't quite understand what people tell her.
  2. In TKAM, who is Jem?
    Jem is the son of Atticus, brother to Scout, and friend to Dill. He goes from a little kid, playing the "Boo Radley game" to trying to be more like Atticus.
  3. In TKAM, who is Atticus?
    Atticus is Scout and Jem's father; he is a lawyer and a kind-hearted and non-judgemental person. In the story he defends Tom Robinson.
  4. In TKAM, who is Walter Cunningham?
    Walter is a classmate of Scout's and the son of Mr. Cunningham (who doesn't pay cash, but in items.)
  5. In TKAM, who is Mr. Cunningham?
    Mr. Cunningham is the father of Walter Cunningham. He pays Atticus in items and not in cash. He also leads a mob to the jail, where Tom Robinson is being held.
  6. In TKAM, who is Miss. Maudie?
    Miss Maudie is the loyal neighbor to the Finches. The kids sometimes play on her lawn. She sides with and defends Atticus. During the story her home burns down.
  7. In TKAM, who is Mrs. Dubose?
    Mrs. Dubose is an angry neighbor who is constantly yelling at the kids to be better. After Jem wrecks her garden, Jem reads to her for a month. She was a morphine addict and dies later in the story. Atticus calls her brave for not using drugs to ease the pain.
  8. In TKAM, who is Calpurnia?
    Calpurnia is the housekeeper of the Finches. At first she is portrayed as a rather mean woman, because Scout views her as a bossy woman. However, she is shown to be different later on. Jem and Scout go to her church.
  9. In TKAM, who is Dill?
    Dill is the nephew of Miss. Rachel, a neighbor of the Finches. He comes up to Maycomb every summer and visits the kids.
  10. In TKAM, who is Mr. (Bob) Ewell?
    Mr. Ewell is an alcholic who is sneered at by the citizens of Maycomb. He is the father of Mayella Ewell, who testifies against Tom Robinson. He scratches on Judge Taylor's door, follows Mrs. Helen Robinson to work, attacks the Finch children, and is eventually killed by Boo Radley.
  11. In TKAM, who is Mayella Ewell?
    Mayella Ewell is the daughter of Mr. Bob Ewell. She testifies against Tom Robinson, saying he raped her.
  12. In TKAM, who is Miss. (Stephanie) Crawford?
    Miss. Stephanie Crawford is the town gossip. Miss. Maudie stays with her when her home burns down.
  13. In TKAM, who is Boo Radley?
    Boo Radley is a neighbor of the Finches. He never leaves the house and there is much speculation about him. The children recieve gifts from him via the tree in his yard. He puts the blanket on Scout. He saves the kids from Mr. Ewell and kills him.
  14. In TKAM, who is Judge Taylor?
    Judge Taylor is the judge of Tom Robinson's case. Mr. Ewell scratched at his door.
  15. In TKAM, who is Tim Johnson?
    Tim Robinson is the mad dog that Atticus is forced to shoot.
  16. In TKAM, who is Aunt Alexandra?
    Aunt Alexandra is the sister of Atticus, the mother to Francis, and the aunt of Jem and Scout. She is very different than Atticus and has pre-concieved ideas on how others should act. She disapproves of Atticus taking Tom's case, and how he raises the kids. She comes to visit during the trial.
  17. In TKAM, who is Link Deas?
    Link Deas is Tom Robinson's employer. He defends Tom at the trial and gets Mr. Bob Ewell to stop following Mrs. Helen Robinson.
  18. In TKAM, who is Heck Tate?
    Heck Tate is the sheriff of Maycomb. He informs Atticus of the mob coming to the jail and is the one who conviences Atticus not to tell everyone Boo killed Mr. Ewell.
  19. In TKAM, who is Dolphus Raymond?
    Dolphus Raymond teaches Scout that people are not always as they seem. He drinks out of an alchohol-holding container, but drinks only Coke.
  20. In TKAM, who is Jack Finch?
    Jack Finch is the brother to Atticus and Aunt Alexandra. He is also the uncle to Jem and Scout. He gets angry at Scout for using foul language and falsely accuses her for fighting with Francis when he was trying to provoke her.
  21. In TKAM, who is Francis?
    Francis is the cousin of Jem and Scout. He is provokes Scout on purpose and gets her in trouble, even after he called Atticus a "nigger-lover."
  22. In TKAM, who is Mr. Underwood?
    Mr. Underwood is the writer, editor, and printer of the Maycomb Tribune. He hides to protect Atticus from the lynch mob, but Scout makes them leave before he takes any action.
  23. In TKAM, who is Mrs. (Helen) Robinson?
    Mrs. Helen Robinson is the wife of the accused Tom Robinson. She is visited by Atticus a couple times. She is followed by Mr. Bob Ewell.
  24. In TKAM, who is Tom Robinson?
    Tom Robinson is the husband of Mrs. Helen Robinson. He is also the man accused of raping Mayella Ewell. Being defended in court by Atticus.
  25. In TKAM, who is Mr. Gilmer?
    The prosecutor in the case against Tom Robinson. He and Atticus are friends. Dill gets upset by the way he questions Tom.
  26. In TKAM, who is Dr. Reynolds?
    Dr. Reynolds is the town doctor. He comes over to inspect the kids' injuries after Mr. Bob Ewell attacks them.
  27. In TKAM, who is Reverend Sykes?
    Reverend Skyes is Calpurnia's preist. He welcomes Jem and Scout into the church and sits with them in the court room.
  28. In TKAM, who is Miss. Caroline Fischer?
    Miss. Caroline Fischer is Scout's first grade teacher. She gets angry with Scout after she tells him that Walter is a Cunningham. She gets mad that Atticus is teaching her to read.
  29. In TKAM, who is Zeebo?
    Zeebo is Calpurnia's son. He steps into the argument with Lula at the church.
  30. In TKAM, who is Burris Ewell?
    Burris Ewell is Mr. Bob Ewell's son, and Mayella's brother. He only goes to first grade for the first day every year.
  31. In TKAM, who is Lula?
    Lula is a woman at Calpurnia's church who gets angry the Finches are there.
  32. In TKAM, who is Mrs. Merriweather?
    She humilates Aunt Alexandra at one of her tea sessions.
  33. In TKAM, who is Miss. Gates?
    Miss. Gates was one of Scout's later teachers who proves to be a hypocrite. She preaches about how the persecution of Jews was so bad, and how Hitler was a horrible human being, and yet she was saying that the blacks the should be taught a lesson.
  34. In TKAM, who is Cecil Jacobs?
    Cecil Jacobs informs Scout that her father is defending a "nigger" and that he was a "nigger-lover". Scout fights him. Later on in the book, he tries to scare them at the Halloween parade.
  35. What does Atticus do for a living?
    He's a lawyer.
  36. What is the age difference between Jem and Scout?
    Four years difference.
  37. How did Jem and Scout's mother die?
    She died of a heart attack.
  38. Who is Charles Baker Harris? Who is he living with?
    He is Dill, a friend of the Finch children who comes up every summer to live with his aunt, Miss. Rachel, who lives next door.
  39. Who is Boo Radley? Why are people scared of him?
    Boo Radley is the son of Nathan Radley, and is their neighbor. They are scared of him because people say he eats animals and stabbed his parents with scissors, and he never leaves the house.
  40. Why doesn't Walter Cunningham take the money for lunch?
    Walter doesn't take the money because their family doesn't pay in cash, they pay in items because they are poor.
  41. Why does Miss. Caroline send Burris home?
    She sends Burris home because he was being rude, and also because he was dirty and had lice in his hair.
  42. Who says the following to whom: "You never really know a person until you consier things from his point of view...until you climb into his skin and walk around in it"?
    Atticus says this to Scout when he explains how Miss. Caroline must have felt on her first day not knowing the way the town worked.
  43. What were the white objects the Finch children found in the knothole?
    They were soap figurines of Jem and Scout.
  44. Why does Atticus wake the kids up at 1 AM?
    He wakes them up because Mrs. Maudie's home is burning down.
  45. Who is Atticus defending?
    Tom Robinson.
  46. What evidence does Atticus try to use for his defense? (Give three examples)
    • 1. Marks on the right side of Mayella's face.Tom Robinson could not have done this because he only has one hand, his left.
    • 2. His boss said he was a great employee. Not someone that would rape a girl.
    • 3. There was no medical evidence to suggest Tom raped Mayella. No doctor was called because they felt there was no reason to.
  47. Laws that are supposed to be seperate but equal.
    Jim Crow Laws
  48. Nine black men arrested on a train for allegedly raping white women.
    The Scottsburo Trials
  49. Nine black students face violence at school and need to have a bodyguard.
    The Little Rock Nine
  50. Anti-violence protestor for black rights.
    Martin Luther King Jr.
  51. Author of To Kill A Mockingbird.
    Harper Lee
  52. Blacks refuse to use bus as a non-violent demonstration.
    Boycott of Montgomery County (Alabama)
  53. End Jim Crow Laws.
    Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1968.
  54. Ends segregation in schools.
    Brown vs. Board of Education
  55. Ends slavery.
    The Emancipation Proclaimation.
  56. Famous for refusing to give up her seat on the bus.
    Rosa Parks.
  57. Violent activist.
    Malcolm X
  58. A hate group in disguise.
    The Ku Klux Klan.
  59. A non-violent demonstration to show voting power.
    The Million Man March.
  60. Organization to aid African-American rights.
  61. Prevented from attending a university because she was black.
    Autherine Lucy.
  62. Ride buses to South to demonstrate non-violent end to segregation.
    Freedom Rides.
  63. Takes away the poll tax and literacy tests.
    Voting Rights Act of 1965.
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