Critical Thinking revision1

  1. When evaluating analogies, what words should you use?
    • reasonable,
    • unreasonable,
    • successful,
    • unsuccessful
  2. What is an assumption?
    assumptions are unstated parts of an argument
  3. CRAVEN - C
    • Circumstance -
    • Details of the actual situation i.e weather conditions; time of day.
  4. CRAVEN - R
    Reputation - Whether or not the source of information can be trusted, or has previous history to suggest they would not be reliable.
  5. CRAVEN - A
    Ability to perceive - Whether the witness was in a position to actually observe the event.
  6. CRAVEN - V
    Vested interest - Any person who has something personally at stake in the outcome of something would be said to have a vested interest.
  7. CRAVEN - E
    Expertise - Even if someone has seen an event first hand, they may not have the expertise to interpret the evidence accurately.
  8. CRAVEN - N
    Neutrality - When someone is predisposed to support a particular point of view.
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