john bible quizzing whos 31st page

  1. Whose brot
    Whose brother Lazarus now lay sick? / A. Mary's (11:2)
  2. Whose child
    Whose children did the true light give the right to become? / A. God's (1:12)
  3. Whose comma
    Whose commands has Jesus obeyed? / A. His Father's (15:10)
  4. Whose disci
    Whose disciples are you showing yourselves to be? / A. Jesus' (15:8)
  5. Whose dwell
    Whose dwelling was made among us? / A. The Word's (1:14)
  6. Whose feet
    Whose feet should you also wash? / A. One another's (13:14)
  7. Whose form
    Whose form have you never seen? / A. The Father's (5:37)
  8. Whose hour
    Whose hour has come? / A. The Son of Man's (12:23)
  9. Whose judg
    Whose judgment is just? / A. The Son's (5:30)
  10. Whose legs did the soldiers come
    Whose legs did the soldiers come and break? / A. The legs of the first man who had been crucified with Jesus, and then those of the other (19:32)
  11. Whose legs did the soldiers not
    Whose legs did the soldiers not break? / A. Jesus' legs (19:33)
  12. Whose love
    Whose love do you not have in your hearts? / A. The love of God (5:42)
  13. Whose prai
    Whose praise does the Son not accept? / A. Men's (5:41)
  14. Whose seal
    Whose seal of approval has been placed on the Son of Man? / A. The seal of God the Father (6:27)
  15. Whose test
    Whose testimony is true? / A. The man who saw the flow of blood and water (19:35)
  16. Whose will does
    Whose will does the godly man do? / A. God's will (9:31)
  17. Whose will has
    Whose will has Jesus come down from heaven to do? / A. The will of him who sent him (6:38)
  18. Whose work
    Whose work must we do as long as it is day? / A. The work of him who sent Jesus (9:4)
  19. With whom did Jesus go d
    With whom did Jesus go down to Capernaum and stay a few days? / A. His mother and brothers and his disciples (2:12)
  20. With whom did Jesus sit d
    With whom did Jesus sit down on a mountainside? / A. His disciples (6:3)
  21. With whom did Jesus stay
    With whom did Jesus stay in a village called Ephraim? / A. His disciples (11:54)
  22. With whom do Jew
    With whom do Jews not associate? / A. Samaritans (4:9)
  23. With whom does J
    With whom does Jesus stand? / A. The Father, who sent him (8:16)
  24. With whom was Jesu
    With whom was Jesus crucified? / A. Two others (19:18)
  25. With whom was Pete
    With whom was Peter also standing? / A. The servants and officials (18:18)
  26. With whom was the
    With whom was the Word? / A. With God (1:1)
  27. With whom was Thom
    With whom was Thomas not when Jesus came? / A. The disciples (20:24)
  28. With whom will
    With whom will Jesus be only a little longer? / A. His children (13:33)
  29. With whose p
    With whose permission did Joseph come and take the body away? / A. Pilate's (19:38)
  30. Without whom
    Without whom was nothing made that has been made? / A. The Word (1:3)
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john bible quizzing whos 31st page
john bible quizzing whos 31st page