john bible quizzing whos 30th page

  1. Whom do the
    Whom do the sheep know? / A. The good shepherd (10:14)
  2. Whom do you
    Whom do you circumcise? / A. A child (7:22)
  3. Whom does Jesus hon
    Whom does Jesus honor? / A. His Father (8:49)
  4. Whom does Jesus' Fa
    Whom does Jesus' Father love? / A. Jesus (10:17)
  5. Whom does the Father judg
    Whom does the Father judge? / A. No one (5:22)
  6. Whom does the Father rais
    Whom does the Father raise? / A. The dead (5:21)
  7. Whom does whoe
    Whom does whoever accepts Jesus accept? / A. The one who sent Jesus (13:20)
  8. Whom had th
    Whom had the devil prompted Judas Iscariot to betray? / A. Jesus (13:2)
  9. Whom has Jesus chos
    Whom has Jesus chosen? / A. The Twelve (6:70)
  10. Whom has Jesus not
    Whom has Jesus not lost? / A. One of those the Father gave him (18:9)
  11. Whom has the Fath
    Whom has the Father heard? / A. Jesus (11:41)
  12. Whom has the Son
    Whom has the Son brought glory on earth? / A. The Father (17:4)
  13. Whom have t
    Whom have the world yet hated? / A. Both me (Jesus) and my Father (15:24)
  14. Whom will Jesus draw
    Whom will Jesus draw to himself? / A. All men (12:32)
  15. Whom will Jesus neve
    Whom will Jesus never drive away? / A. Whoever comes to him (6:37)
  16. Whom will the
    Whom will the sheep never follow? / A. A stranger (10:5)
  17. Whom will you alwa
    Whom will you always have among you? / A. The poor (12:8)
  18. Whom will you not
    Whom will you not always have? / A. Jesus (12:8)
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john bible quizzing whos 30th page
john bible quizzing whos 30th page